High Paying Contract Jobs Overseas for Civilians in 2019

High Paying Contract Jobs Overseas for Civilians in 2019

High Paying Contract Jobs Overseas for Civilians in 2019

High Paying Contract Jobs in United States Are you operating cheque to paycheck? Life within the U.S. is dear and also the pay is rarely enough. you’re employed week in and week out, however have very little a lot of to indicate for it than huge debts and maxed out credit cards. There’s continuously an excessive amount of month left at the top of the money.’

Contract Jobs Overseas for Civilians

However, there’s an answer which will pay you serious bucks to use your work expertise. you’ll be able to get out of debt, get a pleasant home, and stash masses for fun and your retirement in exactly some years. We’re talking REAL cash, not peanuts, for the duty you’re doing currently.

Many corporations round the world, and significantly within the Near East, area unit hiring individuals for a good style of white collar and blue collar positions that they have to fill. Some positions these corporations have to be compelled to fill don’t even need a degree or a specialised skillset. they only want Americans WHO area unit willing to travel overseas and work flat out. you’ll be able to create life dynamic  cash and pay off your debts in as very little united year. However, unless you recognize wherever to appear, the way to apply, and specifically what to mention, you’ll ne’er get a chance to urge your foot within the door.

Advantages of Civilian Contract Jobs Overseas

  1. Your initial $104,100 is tax-free!

The utmost quantity of the Foreign Earned financial Income Exclusion below Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 911 was $104,100 for the present tax year. Then you continue to apply all the standard tax deductions to any earnings over $104,100, as well as mortgage interest, property taxes, owed medical prices, or for several individuals, the quality deduction. The tax savings alone can skyrocket your savings and investment potential!

  1. Speed-up your savings rate

You have zero living prices for food, housing, electric, and also the web. Everything that you simply generally get reception is provided free overseas, therefore you save at a high extreme rate. It’s simply the other if you’re employed within the U.S. wherever you get paid low to average wages and pay high living expenses out of your own pocket.

  1. Financial Freedom

You will quickly pay off all of your debts. Once your debts get paid, and nobody is right on your heels with their hand-out trying to find cash, you’ll have a peace of mind that you simply haven’t felt since you were a child. You’ll ne’er worry concerning credit-card debt, faculty loans, automobile payments, or mortgage payments again!

  1. Support the Troops

It’s an excellent expertise, and you get to support the troops. The troops don’t have an option and definitely would be there. You’ll be able to do your half and create things a touch easier for them and feel smart concerning the duty you are doing. Plus, you get the journey of a period of time and stories to inform your youngsters and grandkids.

  1. Your International Resume Opens Doors

Your overseas work expertise makes your resume stand out from the bulk once you will add your international work history. Employers can offer you priority, knowing that you simply have what it takes to envision a long project through to completion, particularly once things get powerful.

  1. Get Away From Home

Here is a chance to begin over and acquire faraway from no matter is bothering you in your life straight away sort of a crazy ex, Associate in Nursing evil boss, bill collectors, whoever. You’ll be able to pull the eject lever and acquire paid well for doing it. The high financial gain will facilitate solve several of the issues you wish to flee.

General Requirements for High Paying Contract Jobs Overseas for Civilians.

To work as it is required for most other kinds of jobs overseas, you must have or possess the following:

A work permit which would give you the license to work or a work visa

Most countries require that your certifications in terms of education and skills acquired are equivalent to what is required in the country you seek to work in. If not you would have to undergo further training or certification to meet up.

1. Nurse Practitioner (International Health Coordinator)

Full-time: $89,000 – $130,000 a year


  • Doctoral Degree
  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree


  • Nursing expertise
  • Certified Nurse



This position is found within the Office of Medical Services (OMS), workplace of Health Services. The incumbent coordinates and supervises the delivery of complicated patient care. The Peace Corps field support unit is accountable for providing direct informatory support to Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMOs) and for organizing, managing and evaluating health care services to medically exhausted Volunteers.

2. Project Manager

Full-time: Estimated: $95,000 – $130,000 a year


  • Master’s Degree


  • System Design
  • Host/Hostess expertise
  • Bilingual

Contingent upon the Award of the Contract

A minimum of ten years of recent (within the past fifteen years) OCONUS-based expertise with the North USA Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, a minimum of eight years of that should are supporting DTRA with/or DOE as an OCONUS-based CTR Project Manager, with accountable for managing activities through subordinates at multiple geographically separated project sites at the same time.

3. Air field Manager (Overseas/ Temporary/ Ongoing)

30+ days ago Full-time:  Estimated: $62,000 – $82,000 a year


  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • Management expertise
  • Driver’s License
  • Microsoft workplace
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Supervising expertise

Other high paying contract jobs for civilians are:

Managerial Accountant

  1. Pipeline Engineer
  2. Contract Administrator
  3. Principal Contract Administrator
  4. Senior Cost Analyst
  5. Engineering Manager
  6. Commodity Manager
  7. Director Contracts Compliance
  8. Subcontract Administrator
  9. Senior Contracts Administrator.

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