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YBN Cordae – My Name Is (Eminem Remix) Lyrics

YBN Cordae – My Name Is (Eminem Remix) Lyrics

YBN Cordae – My Name Is (Eminem Remix) Lyrics

My Name Is (Eminem Remix) Lyrics by YBN Cordae

Alright, alright
Now listen, listen loud and clear, you dig?
This is uh, this is history
For real nigga
Yo, yo
Yo, yo, yo
Now check me out, listen

[Verse 1]
Why everybody change on me?
While I remain the same, that’s why I’m bringing major payne
Like mothafucking Damon Wayans
And now you chickens is toast, this ain’t Raising Cane’s
It’s clear we wasn’t raised the same, rappers lame with fame
I’m known to kill a wack rapper like a bad hobby
I smash hotties and stash bodies, then cop lil’ boats
Like that’s Yachty, and that’s probably
Why I’m so fly that I crash lobbies and after it slap thotties
I’m a rap fanatic who rap fantastic without the platinum status
Why I’m blasting the maddest ’cause most of these cats is average “uh”
I swear to God that I never lie to avoid a fact
A terrible hairstylist, as I’m destroying tracks
I don’t bust guns but my niggas deploy the strap
Then bring out a fucking .45 like Michael Jordan’s back
I wanna give these niggas hell if heaven was grant
The best thing from PG since Kevin Durant


Hah, my name is, my name is, yeah
Oh yeah, YBN shit
Don’t doubt my name, I said, I tell ’em what my name
Nigga better know the name, yeah, YBN shit
Better know, my name is “yuh”

[Verse 2]
See, a nigga was skipping class, damn I rather attempt the raps
Said fuck it I’m missing that, when I blow go tick for tack
I’m a boss on my Diddy shit, my flow is too hideous
Dropped out of school, senior year, a true idiot
You see, I wear designer bags, I don’t carry minor cash
I’m trying to find the stack, big as Blac Chyna’s ass
Oh you wack rhymers, trash climbers, that’s kinda sad
In the pathfinder, but my path couldn’t find my dad
Now my soul dented, pulled up in a Ghost tinted
In a drive-by, where niggas shooting shit like Cole Bennett
You ho’s finished, in this rap shit a cold menace
But I’m flowing gold liquid, damn I’m so vicious
Uh, my name is Cordae, but don’t forget the YBN
I used to get high with friends off grandmama’s vicodins
And mix it with a percocet, damn that really worked a sweat
My verse is just perfect, yeah, fuck it go and search the net

Hah, my name is, my name is
Nigga’s be the lamest, YBN shit
My name, you nigga’s know his name
The nigga’s flow is lame, nigga, hah

Man, these niggas whack as fuck in this music shit, bro, like what the fuck
You niggas suck like shit bro, like damn you niggas fucking suck

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