List of Federal, state and Private Universities in Ogun State in 2018



Each of the 36 Nigerian States has its own popular colleges and universities. Some states have a bigger number of higher educational institutions than the others. For example, the number of Ogun State colleges and universities is pretty high if compared to other territories.

We would love to list all private, state, and federal universities along with colleges and polytechnics in Ogun State. All pupils from this state who are planning to continue their education locally will surely find this list helpful.


Most institutions are ranked based on their official accreditation by NUC (National Universities Commission) and programmes offered to undergraduate and postgraduate citizens. Based on this criteria, there are 15 colleges and universities in Ogun State.

You can attend any of these 15 federal, state or private institutions to earn your bachelor, master or doct0ral degree in your chosen field of studies. All these alma mater support the traditional format of sharing knowledge face to face.

There are also 11 colleges and polytechnics where you can get an education after school, and they are added to our list as well.

We would like to list all higher educational institutions you can select here by dividing them into groups. Some students love going to a university with ‘federal’ or ‘state’ status because of its long history, popularity and quality of knowledge. Others are fans of private institutions or colleges even though education in such places is often more expensive than in public schools.

Thus, you will find the separate lists of ‘private,’ ‘state’ and ‘federal’ alma mater below. We will also add the list of local polytechnics and colleges you can choose to get a working profession quickly.


Most of the alma mater you will find below belong to churches or different missions. Some of them are very expensive, while others are more affordable.

  1. Babcock University
  2. Covenant University
  3. Redeemer’s University
  4. Bells University of Technology
  5. Crawford University
  6. Christopher University
  7. Mountain Top University
  8. Southwestern University
  9. Chrisland University
  10. Crescent University
  11. Hallmark University
  12. McPherson University


There is only one alma mater with this high status here. It is also one of the 3 institutions that completely focus on agriculture in Nigeria.

  1. Federal University of Agriculture


All the alma mater selected below are established, owned, and run by the state. There are two of them on our list:

  1. Tai Solarin University of Education
  2. Olabisi Onabanjo University


You can get a professional knowledge in the colleges below for as low as 20,000-40,000 Naira per year.

  1. Allover Central Polytechnic
  2. ICT Gateway Polytechnic
  3. Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic
  4. Federal Polytechnic
  5. Ogun State Institute of Technology
  6. D.S. Abegbenro ICT Polytechnic
  7. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic
  8. Federal College of Education
  9. Piaget College of Education
  10. Awori District College of Education
  11. Yewa Central College of Education

This is a complete list of all universities and colleges you can study at in Ogun State, which does look like a real home of institutions in Nigeria. You have a big choice of various educational institutions as well as polytechnics, so make a decision based on your dream profession and desires.

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