Vado & Dave East – Da Hated Lyrics

Vado & Dave East – Da Hated Lyrics


Da Hated Lyrics by Dave East & Vado

[Verse 1 – Vado]
F–k ducking drug enforcement
Tryna turn my n—-s to Doug Morrises
Put ’em in position, become bosses
Writings on the wall, when spitting I hung portraits
Waves spinning, I’m dumb nauseous
If you got a few sitting I want more of it
Never take the first number the judge offers
I’m in the Gucci store right under the Trump office
Are you living or you existing?
Gotta start living, can’t be resistant
No matter how you get it just be persistent
Consistent, from not become a statistic
Realistic, no lie
I’m at these n—-s necks and I’m gifted, bow tie

Claiming you the best, what you sniffing? Bro high
Sugar Ray Leonard, it be hitting like no mas, hah
Shame on a n—a, they tryna run game on a n—a
Like I ain’t learn the game from a n—a
Ready to c–k back and aim on a n—a
Dropping the top back in the rain on a n—a
Rims bending the corners, bad b—–s is on us
Breaking day with the hittas, (?)
Breaking haze in the swisher, that piff be having me yawning
N—-s claiming they with you, until it’s raining and storming
That fake s–t, smile up in your face s–t
Get around n—-s and always saying some hate s–t
How you been eating? Ain’t never hand ’em a plate s–t
Always see you speeding, up down the block in the spaceship

Hoodie on, BAPE fit, my blood on his ape s–t
Clip will go bananas on any tree that he shake with
Feds in the cameras, they tryna peep every payment
Move like Sopranos we only speak in the basement
Check my bank statements, while I stay patient
N—-s ain’t playing, be careful who you play with
Huh, you think s–t a game
Got stopped by Police, gave a different name
Had my OG give me different game
Before my face was on the piece of a n—a chain
Wish y’all could feel a n—a pain
Climbing out the hole like the n—a Bane
Got a condo, a crib in Wayne
Nothing around but mansions, got me feeling strange

[Verse 2 – Dave East]
Going crazy, late 80’s and I’m still insane
From the streets, if you listen closely you can hear the train
My man got me vexed like f–k a friendship
Throw 80 at a n—a Mercedes and watch the Benz flip
My coach told me I was a loser and wouldn’t win s–t
Now I got twin chicks on my d–k begging to french kiss
Still got my GemStar, deflate all that gym s–t
Buck fifty work your face out, permanent grin s–t

I used to keep a negative vibe, was on some Grinch s–t
Skimp a lil work off the top, I used to pinch s–t
Uh, I just got off a jail call, an hour long
Feds be listening so we kicking it with the shower on
These n—-s acid I’m cocaine in powder form
Watch his body drop, then we pulled off knocking Quiet Storm
Yellow butter soft, I’m feeling like Ike Love
Everybody pull up with choppers, s–t like a bike club
Lately I just come up with this s–t, ain’t gotta write much
I’m focused, n—-s with no direction will f–k your life up
It’s orchestrated, how the f–k these n—-s afford to hate it?
Smoke with the dead, I might walk inside a morgue and blaze it

These are scriptures, all my verses are more than sacred
It’s levels to this, you ain’t never heard no Porches racing
You ain’t never been ’round no b—–s that’s more than basic
The coke weak, don’t trust the plug, then you oughta taste it
Put it on your gum, see how quick it numb
Your b—h stressed, she keep telling me ’bout how quick you c-m
When I think of the illest, I figure Big and Pun
Put a fork in him, this n—a done, go get a gun
Fighting ain’t like you, confused, why would they hype you?
N—a you Ron Harper, out here acting like Michael
This what the life do, my past women spiteful
But f–k it, we got baking soda, let’s see what this ice do

My man he just got his house I’m ’bout to send a kite through
Don’t come around, I ain’t invite you
I used to do Mauri gators, them s—s will bite you
Don’t nobody touch no money ’til the dice move
Just keep it tall, your mans sit and you see his call
B—–s talking bout Dave East from London the (?)
I ain’t scared of death, when I sleep, me and the Reaper talk
Fresh out public housing, this life is better than we’d a thought
I want you off this Earth then we don’t need to talk
Same rules apply, baby, she ain’t f—–g then she can walk

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