United States Coast Guard Recruitment for Foreigners and Application Requirements

United States Coast Guard Recruitment for Foreigners and Application Requirements

United States Coast Guard Recruitment for Foreigners and Application Requirements

About the Coast Guard


Semper Paratus – continually prepared.

That is the Coast Guard motto.

The Coast Guard is one of the United States of America’s 5 military services. It exists to defend and preserve the USA. It defends the private safety and security of US citizens; the marine facility and infrastructure; the natural and economic resources; and also the territorial integrity of the U.S–from internal and external threats, natural and man-caused. It defends these interests in U.S. ports and interior waterways, on the coasts, and international waterways.

It’s a military, multi-mission, maritime force giving a novel mix of military, enforcement, humanitarian, regulatory, and diplomatic capabilities. These capabilities underpin the United States Coast Guard 3 broad roles: maritime safety, maritime security, and maritime situation. There are eleven missions that are interlacing inside these roles.

Active-Duty Careers.

Enlisted Opportunities

If you are certain you’ve got the ability to protect people and save their life, to catch traffickers of drugs or to trace and fish out persons who pollute the environment then working in the United States Coast Guard is just perfect for you. You’ve certainly get top quality training on-field along with the ability to work and apply all of the skills you have learnt over time. Due to the comparative small size of the US Coast Guard to other US military organizations, the Coast Guards have countless opportunities to use the skills they’ve learnt in training.

Officer Opportunities

For those who are just finishing from college, exiting their jobs as civilians or currently in other military organizations, the US Coast Guard gives the opportunity to become an officer in the Coast Guard.

Apply Now

Thank you for your interest within the u.  s. Coast Guard! Please note that there ar four ways in which you’ll be able to get up-to-date with a recruiter through

  1. Call  the closest recruitment office.
  2. Email the closest recruitment office.

To protect your privacy, don’t send in person recognizable data (PII) or health connected problems or issues through email!

  1. Chatwith a Coast Guard chat recruiter.
  2. Submit your Application to start the screening and application method.

Go through the methods of application below before choosing the “Continue” button to start the screening and application method.

If you choose to correspond via email, don’t communicate or relay your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or any health-related issues/concerns via the e-mail option. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is basically information which could be utilized to recognize you and might include, but isn’t restricted to: name, address, phone, email address, date of birth and so much more.

Email ought to be used for general recruiting enquiries solely while not providing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). You can view the privacy act statement.

Passing the pre-screen is just the primary stage of the qualification method. as a result of the work we tend to do is extremely sensitive, and jobs could involve national security, and military law social control, the Coast Guard could be a extremely selective service.

Several qualified candidates contend for restricted positions. Thanks to progressively high accession standards, totally qualified candidates aren’t bonded accession into the Coast Guard. Getting a grip during this service could be a terribly competitive method that considers person “Whole Person” qualities and strengths, alongside service-wide wants. Solely the foremost totally qualified candidates are offered a Coast Guard position.

United States Coast Guard Recruitment for Foreigners Application Requirements

Applicants should meet the subsequent criteria and with success pass many screening tests:

  • Be a U.S. national or a person with permanent residency permit.
  • You should be between seventeen to thirty-one (If you’re 17, you’ll require parental consent) Although some reserve and officer programs enable you to be older.
  • Reservists should be between17-39
  • Prior-service personnel ought to contact the recruiter in their locality for specific criteria.
  • Have a high school certification. GEDs are accepted in few circumstances.
  • Have only or less than 2 dependents (spouse, children, or somebody dependent upon you for support).
  • Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam. This is actually important to ascertain
  • Be medically cleared by the Military Entrance process Station in your locality.
  • Go through a credit check, security clearance check, and a listing review.  (Second and third degree misdemeanors and or law-breaking convictions are disabling.)

During this screening method, data could reveal associate person to be unsuitable for Coast Guard service thanks to excessive debt, medical disqualifications, criminal history, or alternative reasons.

As the start within the screening method, ensure that you simply have scan and perceive the appliance steering higher than. Click the CONTINUE button and complete the appliance. You’ll receive associate email with recruiter contact data or be notified of your screening standing.  If you have got not received associate email or a call inside three days, contact your nearest recruiter through the realize A Recruiter perform. The US Coast Guard admires your want to serve our nation and desires you well as you contend for the privilege of serving within the US Coast Guard.

Find a Recruiter

To call, email or find a recruiting workplace close to you, choose your state below.

In accordance with Coast Guard Recruiting Command tips and to guard your privacy, you’re being suggested to not send in person recognizable data (PII) or any health connected issues/concerns through the e-mail possibility. Email ought to be used for general recruiting queries while not providing in person recognizable data (PII).

The preferred technique for corresponding is via This forum is secure and is wherever you’ll be able to address personal issues/concerns with Coast Guard recruiters and start the screening & application method.

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