LadiPoe ft. TEMZ - Falling Lyrics

LadiPoe – Mood Lyrics

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeh What would grime sound like if you couldn’t say man? Hip Hop sound like if you couldn’t say n***a? Afrobeats

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J Hus – Scene Lyrics

Scene Lyrics by J Hus [Verse 1] In and out of rentals Two bedroom apartment 2-2 chips on my expensive garment Keep a stick in the uni boy’s basement

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9ice – Mercy Lyrics | Natirovibe

9ice – Mercy Lyrics

Mercy Lyrics by 9ice Download 9ice – Mercy [Intro] Oh Lord of mercy, oh Lord of mercy, ancestor ahan [Chorus] Oh Lord of Mercy, igbawo

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Logic – The Return Lyrics

The Return Lyrics by Logic [Intro] Satisfied Satisfied Yeah yeah, yeah Satisfied has come to you Sinatra Big Pepe Satisfied Oh, you got the studio sh

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