Top 5 Female Naija Rappers



In a genre dominated by male artistes all across the world, it’s not a peculiar case to Nigeria not to have massive numbers of female rap artistes. American had Nicki Minaj dominating the female rap scene for almost a decade before the introduction of Cardi B into the scene to break the bound so it’s therefore a tough genre for female artistes to break into.

Nigeria’s hip hop scene of 2018 barely have male rappers at the top of their game so it’s even more difficult to see a female artiste bur this has always not been the case.

So we did into the crates and bring forth what is the top 5 and who we personally consider the fittest female rappers to fit into this category and in no particular order.

Sasha P

Groomed under the legendary group TRYBESMEN with El dee tha don being the head huncho. Sasha genuinely staked a claim for the rap throne and legit had a run of good fortune when she went solo and was signed under STORM records. ADARA became a hit and she was a reference point for leading female rappers. She went into the fashion world and took hiatus from music and ever since, the LASU Law graduate has been unable to stage a musical comeback.


Another one from the TRYBESMEN school of hip hop heads. If there was ever a female rapper with all the natural ingredients to become the all time great then Blaise fits the bill. The rapper was raw. Lyrically ill and with the right hip hop swag and attitude. She was untouchable at her prime. Talk was all other female rappers respected her and no one dare go to war with her. She was that fearsome. Her verse on DJ Jimmy Jatt’s TOO MUCH will take your breath away. Blaise was that good but like the ones around her, she couldn’t sustain the momentum and till date, we don’t know where she is.


Sultry and $exy will best define her. Kel was the Nicki Minaj of Naija rap music and what’s more impressive, she was already all that years ago. Safe to say Kel was dope way before dope was it in Naija. With a combination of $exiness and safe bars, Kel was impressive and gave fans something new, fresh and feminine different from the abrasive masculine rap music dominating the scene. The Knighthouse artiste gave us hits but somehow also faded with time deciding to pick up other engagements.


Easily the pick of the lot. Flashy, creative, fashionable, outspoken, daring and beautiful. Eva has it all. She’s the type to blend into a circle perfectly. She’s one female artiste that successfully earned the respect of male rappers. Her videos are always lit and she always ensure to project her independence as a woman and artiste. She’s had the longest run of all female artistes and still somehow relevant in the game. She might not be one of the artistes topping the charts at the moment, but Eva already carved a lane for herself that her spot is always available anytime she decides to step back into the ring.

Mo Cheddah

Till date she’s the most successful female rapper in Naija and she’s not even in the business of music making anymore at least for now. The then Knighthouse recording artistes took the female rap scene by storm and rode the platform till she exhausted it. Winning the MAMA awards will forever be the biggest highlight of her career something no other female rapper has been able to achieve in Nigeria. Mo combined singing and rapping together in a way that she delivered classic tunes that not only rocked the clubs but top the charts. Like the ones before and after her, she abandoned music for a while, tried to stage a comeback later but it was never the same again. With a quiet life and more of fashion n modeling engagement these days, Mo Cheddah was indeed a rapper that could have given us more.

There are more female rappers out there than we may care to know but not much being done or said by them for us to notice. Naija rap is no doing fine for now and maybe just maybe, we may need a female rapper to step up and breath life back into a dying genre.

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