NAV – With Me Lyrics

With Me Lyrics by NAV [Hook/Chorus] “Yo” You should come and vibe with me “vibe with me” Help me stack my cream “yo, yo” Keep you on the side with me

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AKA – Me And You Lyrics

Me And You Lyrics by AKA [Verse 1] I’m the one who put South Ah on the fuckig map Booking fee thats 200 gees for the f-----g bag Whats under the rag,

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Teni – Case Lyrics | Natirovibe

Teni – Case Lyrics

[Intro] Iye hey hey, huh oh oh, pem pem ijele bem pem pem ijele bem, pem pem ijele bem [Verse 1] I slap police for your Case oo, I go to

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