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Reasons Why Men Are Jealous In a Relationship


A relationship involves two and a woman sharing things in common and knowing each other’s feeling. , that truly

love a woman will show his interest that he loves that lady vice vasa. Coming closer in a relationship tends to make them know each other and have a deeper love in a relationship for each other.

Reason why men are jealous in a relationship
Below is the reason why men are jealous in a relationship this will enable you to know what to avoid to maintain a balanced relationship

1) Any man that loves his girlfriend will never like to share it with any man

2) If a man cares for you always his proud and jealous of you, he might think that another guy might see you and admire you.

3) He doesn’t want to see you talking to a friend. He can never bear it seeing you talking to a friend, he might be angry and try to throw abusive words at you.

4)If you are on online chatting and he sees
you online chatting, he might think that you are chatting with a male friend.

5) He doesn’t want you to miss his calls: If you mistakenly miss his calls you are in trouble. she will keep on calling you until you pick his call.

6) He is always eager to know where you are: One of the ways to know a guy that truly loves his girlfriend and jealous of her, he always eager to where she is at any moment.

7) He is known for his visit every time: He always visiting you at any time.

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