Omar Sterling – December 2 Remember Lyrics



December 2 Remember Lyrics by Omar Sterling

We in the hard times
Big game player on the side lines
Y3 hwehw3 me but they can’t find
I am behind bars but is no crime
Look check your watch boy its my time
Ancpa tutuutu up and write rhymes
Oohhh okese okese okese!
Bring me your body girl you’re the best
Asuffer for your body then times for ghetto
Ano get nothing but you dey apress
Obaa body soft ashform mattress
Sake of your body ano get ashform address
Mmm! Blessing!
No confessing even when you’re stressing

That was the lesson living by the street code
Life ain’t fair its not a complexion
I’m alive oh I’m alive
Story of my life sound like a lie
Voice of the ghetto site 15 pride
Refuse to be broke oh boy we try
Its good to have a dream we had a dream
Made a lot of money early at 16
Made our parents proud before the big screen
All white everything, hommie we’ve been clean
Ask magnitta and marinnna, kaywa and kwamena
Ask the whole Tema pure stamina
From have not to sell a whole arena
Flys in a business i left you at the terminal

You are dot you are decimal In the universe
Open your retina to see life what it is
Dose day ways wicked R.I.P Borga free
All dead nobody lives
Camp yard zeeklan
The whole tema scream what the f–k are you saying
Oboo vicious fish kill lezzy queen ezem and muguze repping site 15
This was way way before the big screen
We roll bars you don’t know what be 16
We have big dreams bigger than the ocean
But dreams will sink if it is not emotion
Or we will make you scream this is not lotion
Ball so hard graduated to coaching
We’re on go men y’all still loading
Fall back fall back naggas still approaching
Oh my God this is tragic Sit still no panic

You’re about to witness game of thrones
So sonic every verse is a tonic
Flow so organice so our real people want
We from the dark side it took a while to see the light
Woke up in the morning world this is my life
Nothing to look up and nothing to eat
Same over friends we’re from the same tribe
Wow wow bro you know the deal
Asekyre,nsuo and bread you know the meal
If you go die like we die poverty no go kill
It rather give you skill like you follow zeal
Thats why i got stars like jadakiss
Real hit near miss by who never miss
Miss i have been watching a long long time
Brown skin you are so demn fine
Do you like nature do you like stars
Take a ride with me i don’t do cars
I am sorry i judge you for your mistake
I never knew your make up worn for these scars
Tegale flow y3 se 3y3 vudu
Tegale flow y3 se 3y3 juju
This ain’t a game dog eny3 ludu
Aboabo bugu amaba amamudu
Ask about them lil boy karl budu
Murder ink flow lil brek car butu

Paedae da pralem flow apocalypse
No competition i am a lemesis
Took a break from rap but i am back tell every rapper out my premises
Or you getting smoked like cannabis
Oh boy i vex
They never been my godson
Nana send a text saying uncle pae why you keeping all these music in your room
You don’t you show everybody you’re the f-cken best
So here we go
3y3 as3m oo
Till a wind will blow
Black sheep of the family now look at how we glow
Site 15 lil boy s3 oh look at how we grow
Swag wc ne dan ma
Flow cold like a snow
What a f–k
From nothing to something to time to

Young money come on we bad nagga
We bad nagga
We are bad
Ha ha ha ha

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