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Dave East – Nothing Personal Lyrics

Dave East – Nothing Personal Lyrics

Nothing Personal Lyrics by Dave East

Holiday season, aiight
Last real nigga alive
HUM Beats

Who else gon’ go get it the right way? “who?”
12 hunnids, flipped a couple baggies, that’s a light day “12 hunnid”
Gamble for your life, learn to get light at a dice game “we on”
Shake something, ask bet you living, we gon’ take something “boom”
100 thousand worth of jewelry on, come take something “100”
We ain’t gotta shoot, I see your jaw, I’m tryna break something “real s–t”
I’m the one the law blessed
220 on the dash, let’s take a car test
Saks Fifth with the homies, we all fresh “my n—-s”
I was crip before I had a rap deal “rolling”
I ain’t chasing clout, them n—-s don’t know how the trap feel “at all”
Any city, stand tall “uh”, I’m tryna see my man ball “my n—a”
N—a, you and you man soft, I don’t know how that feel “I’m up”
I be wide awake, counting a lot of cake “a lot”
I got a foregin, you got a foreign, f–k it, we gotta race “skrt”
Put ’em on a real n—a diet, something she gotta taste
Watching my money grow, play the bungalow, that’s my hideaway “I’m up”
10 years ago, I was dreaming “dreaming” that I was touring
Had the ankle Ralph Lauren “hold on”, these rap n—-s wild boring
They ain’t entertaining me “at all”
Behind the Gucci belt is where the stainless be “.45”
Better catch a body if you aim at me “better”

I be where the jackboys, the hustlers and the gansgsters be “my n—-s”
Did a couple corporate deals, honestly, ain’t no changing me “I’m hood”
Drop ’em in the river, bury his ankles where the anchor be
Powder for your b—h face like maybe it’s marcellein
‘Cause friends turn to foes, got a drip on the pole
N—-s know how it go “go”
I do this s–t for my soul “soul”
Told my n—-s let’s get it “let’s get it”
I got some homies that’ll shoot ’till you’re finished
Nothing personal, this s–t is s–t business
Kill the target and witness “boom”
It ain’t no stopping because we started the mission “started”
Look in the sky and I ask god for forgiveness “Inshallah”
I’m with robbers and killers “boom”
Clocking in, I do my job and get busy “busy”
You gotta rob me, s–t, you gotta come kill me “kill me”
Sleep with the pound on me “pound”
Nowadays, I’m going up, all these b—–s go down on me
Light work, 60 dub bags, quarter pound on me “12”
Crown on me, I don’t claim king, just run the town homie
At the lounge doly, the hoodie low, don’t need the crowd on me



Produced By: HUMbeats

Released: July 27, 2018

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