Noah’s Ark Song Lyrics | Mike Posner

Noah’s Ark Song Lyrics | Mike Posner

Noah’s Ark Song Lyrics | Mike Posner

DescriptionNoah’s Ark Song Lyrics are provided in this article. This is a New song which is prepared By Famous American singer-songwriter, poet, and record producer Michael Robert Henrion Posner. This song which is released.

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Song: Noah’s Ark

Singer/Band: Mike Posner

Album: A Real Good Kid

Noah's Ark Song Lyrics
Noah’s Ark Song Lyrics

Noah’s Ark Song Lyrics

Open your eyes
Make room for a little sweet love
The Lord is all around you, child
And that’s what you’re made of
There is a light
And it shines bright just for you
And you can cut yourself off from it
No matter what you do

I had a 3.5 [?]
And I was blowin’ up
Three albums, I got a row of ducks
When my dad was 22, dawg, he drove a truck
January in Detroit is cold as fuck, you know it’s tough
But I came this far, I ain’t slowin’ up
Livin’ life with the LeBron James shoulder shrug
One thing you’ll never hear me say is “Close enough”, I’m dope as fuck
I lost 2018 to a broken heart
I wrote this whole thing, I know my part
I made a wildfire from a glowin’ spark
I pressed go in March, I gotta go in March
All previous conceptions are blown apart
Not everyone can come at me, it’s Noah’s Ark
I am Gregg Popovich, I have no remark
These are the type of riches one can only hold in heart

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And anyone that’s gone over my history
Know that I ain’t stuck in the mode of the industry
I am walkin’ down the road of epiphanies
Three words, growth over
Back again, they’ve been tappin’ in McGreggor
I’ve been tappin’ in, livin’ out the dreams
I was once just imaginin’, it’s happenin’
I get so much work done nowadays, it’s almost like I have a twin
I can’t just sit on a couch
Shovelin’ shit in my mouth
I don’t know how I’ma walk across this country
But I know I’ma figure it out
And who knows what I’m gon’ do when it’s done
Hopefully I touch your life, you could be one
I’m not walkin’ to show people who I am
I’m walkin’ to find out who I’ve become

The people ain’t stupid, they know what’s real
Sometime to get to heaven, we gotta go through hell
And I’m rollin’ deep, no Adele
You can ask World Wide Wes, dawg, he knows me well
My life’s like an instruction manual
How to not be borin’ (Not be borin’)
It’s my spirit, my smile
That have got me soarin’
It broke my heart to tell the band
We would not be tourin’
But I just gotta do this (I gotta do it)
I can’t stop explorin’
I was a short lil’ Jewish kid, I ain’t speak much
My whole life now somethin’ that I’ve dreamed up
With no handout, I look at my heros and…
That’s what I am now

Yoga class headband now
People say I’m off-brand, how
I am a brand, therefore
Anything I do is on-brand now, I’m on-brand now
People got attached to a version of me
And it hurts when they see a person who’s free
But I’m so grateful for all of these lessons
Twice as much money, half the possessions
No , now the vision’s clear
People mad ’cause the old me isn’t here
All my gold jewelry just disappeared
That’s the tellin’ me to start switchin’ gears
The deeper the , the deeper the songs
Look at my life, the dream isn’t gone
I saw all of this two years ago
It’s almost like it was me readin’ my poem

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People copy but they copy wrong
Puttin’ out a bunch of sloppy songs
If I die and the Rockies don’t
Forget to bury me with Petoskey stone
And opportunities keep on poppin’ up
Killer concepts come to me and [?]
This is just an intro, a daydream
The rest comes January 18th

Open your eyes
Make room for a little sweet love
The Lord is all around you, child
And that’s what you’re made of
There is a light
And it shines bright just for you
You can’t cut yourself off from it
No matter what you do, no

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