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Marc Vinyls- Goodbye 22 Lyrics

Japan PM visits quake-hit Hokkaido as toll rises to 42
Goodbye 22
this that record where I sit back
and reflect on myself as Im entering
a new year of life
you know how I do
and it go a little like this

[Verse 1]
too many days let pass me by
shit im just being real dont ask me why
i guess deeper problems always tend to arise
i just stay praying now yeah up to the skies
they never see the pain the passion
why im really rapping always snapping
out in public
guess im tired uh being loveless
and how can I ever grow
when i stay in private
not everything is about whose the fucking flyest

yeah one day at a time
too many empty promises
i still hold in my mind
i needa let go shut up im fine
i needa tell those to hurry in line
Goodbye to 22 for now
Goodbye to 22 for now
Goodbye to 22 for now
Goodbye to 22 for now

i been wondering
why im still struggling
no one love the kid
but my name is bubbling
all up on the bubbly no love
they will never understand why we do drugs
lost in my head shits tough
understand parts of life rough
never call no mans bluff

[Verse 2]
I’ve been dying inside
I’ve been lying inside
i been dying inside
i been lying inside
i got money now they talking
but they all gonna lie
never rlly see the passion yeah all in my eyes
they wait on demise
but i promise
u can count on me guys
i hear all your cries
this is self reflection
a year a growth
thru some depression
some obsession
leads to more blessings
wit building up fans
cuz now i rlly got people
who care who i am
shits different
and you couldn’t change that
remember like way back
when little marco would do it
nah they was hating on his music

I go into this next year of life
with great hope
and triumph
bless you all

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