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Lyrics-Reality Song-Jacob Lee

Description: -Reality Song-Jacob Lee are provided in this article. This is a New song which is prepared By Famous Singer Jacob Lee. ​This song which is released on 24th December 2018.

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Song: Reality

Singer/Band: Jacob Lee

Lyrics-Reality Song-Jacob Lee
-Reality Song-Jacob Lee

-Reality Song-Jacob Lee

[Verse 1]
If I could speak to the breeze
What would she teach?
I’d ask politely for
Or some guidance at least
Perhaps she’d tell me to leave
Conceal the secrets in the air that I breathe

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If I could speak to the sea
What would she preach?
I’d ask her what does it mean
To know the depths of belief?
Perhaps she’d guide me beneath
Reveal the meaning in the fathoms unseen

Then they’d say reality
Was never for me
Was never for me, never for me

[Verse 2]
If I could speak to the trees
What would they plea?
I’d watch the wind thieve their seeds
Lend them moments to grieve
Perhaps they’d bleed just like me
Deliver their message in the words that I read

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If I could speak to the leaves
What would they heed?
I’d ask them what do they seek
As they descend from the trees
Perhaps they’d rest at my feet
Administer healing in the tea that I drink

Then they’d say reality
Was never for me
Was never for me, never for me

[Verse 3]
How am I to understand
Everything I am
If I don’t look beyond the thoughts I have?
Learning that it takes some time
To separate the mind
And I just wonder, now
If all that I have ever known
Is all that I was ever shown
Questioning who sees behind these eyes
Maybe if I find a reason
That lasts beyond the seasons

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I’d ask if reality
Was ever for me
Was never for me, never for me

If I could see the supreme
What would he think?
If he stood in front of me
Would I believe?
He’d ask me to take a seat
Pour us a drink
And show me all I could be

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