Lyrics: Falz – Amen

Lyrics of Amen by Falz

Lyrics of Amen by Falz

Lyrics of Amen by Falz

Through Our Lord, Amen, amen, amen!
In the name of Jesus, AMEN! Hallelujah somebody
Waka waka, waka waka, waka waka

(Verse 1)
Pull up in the Rolls Royce ghost, my body guard armed brother don’t come close
I get bread, bakery dey my condo, but I dey feed five thousand with only one loaf
My doe, dey flow Oluwa gba control, my goal is to make sure you give Christ your soul
If you don’t put your offering and tithe in the bowl, blessing on your life go slow

Pastor’s house na him dey fine pass
My people them dey stay for poor surroundings

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(Verse 2)
Naso dem talk, we chop, we gullible to the core
If you drop all you got it is impossible to be poor
Put your hand in the purse give everything to the church
And I promise you the Lord would come knocking on your door
It’s funny when you say I am loving like an unbeliever
It’s ironic to tell me to be my brothers keeper
Take our offering setup uni and your church members can’t even afford the school fee


(Verse 3)
Yeah, so the taste of that holy communion is too sweet
Be like say you don forget the thing whe you talk for pulpit
Everybody and their mama still dey take your bullSh!t
If my sermon worry you e mean say the shoe fit
I know some kind drug whe dem call religion
I dey pray to God I hope I make it to his kingdom
But the man of God is busy taking me millions

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Oh Lord!
And them do bad bad bad bad bad bad things

(Verse 4)
I know some fanatics go talk yeah is more than likely
Person whe I fight for go turn around to fight me
You tell your doctor you enjoy the headache
Kill the messanger throway the message
Find sweet and sweet talks na im be the template
Church plenty pass school for inside my estate
You sell hope, you sell faith, you sell drinks to get paid
Na congregation money but dem no go see percentage

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Beside the church having succeeded in driving away the pastor
Some of the members whom on what could have caused the show of shame
The (?) formed in the church, and give his money in his purse without giving to the church authorities
What these people have done is to destabilise to destroythis church
When they started the offering at a thousand dollars
They said, if you don’t get cash then we gat atm machines
I don’t understand that logic, I don’t understand that way of thinking
And I don’t understand that to be what religion is

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