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Kevin Gates – Therapy Shit Lyrics

Kevin Gates – Therapy Shit Lyrics

Kevin Gates – Therapy Shit Lyrics

Therapy Shit Lyrics by Kevin Gates

We having humps along the way
But the reward is in the journey
I’m in my bag

[Verse 1]
I left from global tours
Almost in my peak
To have to go and sit down in a clink
Just to reach
The peak again
Mad with prison guards turning keys
Mad with God why don’t he answer me while on my knees
I’m in need, I believe
Life don’t ever turn out how we want, but I succeed
I hustled a lil bit pursuing things which I achieved
I told my wife my plan
I also told her she can leave
She cried her eyes out then abruptly she just agreed
I had to talk in code while giving orders to streets
Executive, staff, 2 board members
They on my team
Executor fairs whenever matters get decreed
I played by the rule received my slot from out the bean
Big general nigga
Game literature giver
When you stand on nation business
This shit come before your children
This shit come before your feelings
Niggas shoving dick in my lil hoe
I took no interest
Lost emotions on my last bid
Past tense, now I’m just pressure
Niggas shooting, taking shots that don’t leave no impression

Gates don’t protct in folly and I don’t get aggressive
Hang gliders move in silent if you hear it in pair
Get your brains blowed out
Put your feet in the air
People under stairs
Cold hearted my stare

[Verse 2]
By one hoe I’m protected
Took some losses, no question
But we only fear Allah, walk anywhere, no protection
By my father, neglection
Depression hit, I must settle
Seeking love out in the slums and got embraced by the ghetto
Right leg under, took some fire, still got traces of metal
Up right independent, bitch we die it’s whatever
That case you had, it got deferred
You agreed to some telling
I lost some fights I never told, I never fold under pressure
Took some time, accepted mine go look it up for the record
Dead broke while in New Orleans people thought I was balling
Rented a black Maserati just for one of my artists
Went Versace, jewlry was hot, I was the one who had bought it
Put the roof over your head, when I had just had a daughter
Show me where I hated on you, backstabbed me too often
Dealing with the opps while I’m in California recording
Put you in a grey Camaro, just invoice me I spent it
Paid Peppa that lil money that we borrowed, remember
I stood up for you when they said you was messing with children
They say I’m signing sex offenders niggas right in my city
I told you “fuck ’em”, just stay focused, you gon blow any minute
Transition, you played hard, that’s your defence mechanism
You still my favourite rapper though you let them turn you against me
You really hurt, I see your pain, you dissing me cos you miss me
You really hurt, I see your pain, you dissing me cos you miss me

Ain’t nobody never loved you like me
And you know that
When you sit around in a room
Remember one thing
If you can’t be used, you useless
Big out facts
I been a junkie

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