Is Pepper Soup Good During Pregnancy? (See Answers Here)

Is Pepper Soup Good During Pregnancy? (See Answers Here)


Is Pepper Soup Good During Pregnancy? (See Answers Here)

What foods to eat during pregnancy? Is it safe to eat our favorite pepper soup? Let’s remember what we add into it first: spice mix, some salt, the maggi bouillon cubes, some red chilly powder. They all may be dangerous for your baby if not used in moderation. In order to get more details, read below why pregnant woman should or shouldn’t eat spicy food.

Is pepper soup good during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women often change their taste preferences or become more vivid. Periodically future mothers frighten loved ones with a desire to eat something that does not seem to be very combining, for example, sweet, sour and bitter at the same time. This is due to the changing hormonal background.

First of all, it should be noted that there is nothing to say here in general. Doctors take into account a large number of factors simultaneously. This is the age of the patient (many culinary experiments in the youth are perceived much easier), the state of her health, especially the gastrointestinal tract, and, finally, the peculiarities of the national cuisine you’re used to. Sometimes, if woman can’t live without pepper soup, doctors may recommend eating it with moderation.

There are some nationalities, where a habit has been formed since childhood. And to many it seems to be inherited. At least, the fact that the Indian or the Mexican is able to eat red pepper during all pregnancy is not always tolerated by a man accustomed to Nigerian cuisine.

Harm and benefit of pepper soup

Speaking about pepper soup during pregnancy, it is also impossible to say unequivocally that it is only dangerous or harmful. It is necessary to take into account when a woman eats and in what quantity. So, such food for pregnant women in the early stages can effectively be saved from a cold, which can bring a lot of problems, even if by itself does not harm the fetus. Do not forget about the likelihood of various complications. And they are not so rare.

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Of course, it’s important to remember moderation. When deciding whether it is possible for pregnant women to eat spicy food, consider which portions are involved. In small quantities, such food can remove or significantly alleviate the problem with heartburn. And also it may improve the digestive process.

Is spicy food dangerous during pregnancy?

Is Pepper Soup Good During Pregnancy? (See Answers Here)

At the same time, abuse leads to the opposite effect: women begin to have problems with digestion, heartburn and nausea increase, diarrhea may occur too. Periodically, a woman may have stomach aches. Again, it all depends on how spicy the same dish is. This nuance is extremely important even when choosing the appropriate pepper.

If the future mother inadvertently ate something too spicy, then in this case she risks getting a mucous burn. The 0ral cavity together with the esophagus will suffer first. Already, at least, for this reason it is clear why it is impossible to eat spicy food in pregnancy, most ways to provide emergency help in such situations are contraindicated for women expecting a child, as well as pills for the digestive tract.

The excessive use of chili peppers, burning seasonings and much more can lead to a bout of gastritis or to an exacerbation of chronicles associated with digestive organs. It is painful, but at the same time a woman cannot drink most of the available and effective pain medications. After all, the stronger this remedy, the more seriously it can damage the child.

The state of the gastrointestinal tract directly depends on how well the beneficial substances, all kinds of microelements will be assimilated. Healthy intestinal flora is a guarantee of a consistently high immunity, which is extremely important during pregnancy. Problems with the digestive process can lead to a decrease in immunity.

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Than it is dangerous for the pregnant woman – it is not necessary even to specify. Therefore, it is best to refrain from experiments with spicy food. And if you still ate something like that, then drink milk with it. But in general, abusing spicy dishes is also a bad idea, as after having them you always want to drink a lot. What, in turn, causes swelling.

Why do women want spicy food during pregnancy?

Is Pepper Soup Good During Pregnancy? (See Answers Here)

Women often say that they are strongly drawn to spices when bearing a child. Scientists say that a moderate amount of such food contributes to the development of serotonin, the “happiness hormone”, improves well-being. In addition, pepper – a fairly bright taste, often associated with vigor and vivacity. All this can be missed during pregnancy. So, sudden taste preferences are not surprising.

There is an opinion that the craving for pepper indicates that the woman does not have enough gastric juice. And the body allegedly tries to activate the digestion process in this way. Also in the specialized literature, you can find an indication of the connection between spicy food and high cholesterol. So if you are worried, you can check the appropriate blood count and watch your digestive tract.

But in general, most often we are talking about a simple physiological whim. And sometimes it is clearly felt, because a woman pays more attention to her own body and wishes. In the ordinary state, each of us, too, may want something spicy, sour or salty, and sometimes quite strongly.

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Spicy dishes during different terms of pregnancy

The reaction of the organism of the mother can differ by the same stimulus depending on the timing. So, if we talk about whether it is possible to eat pepper soup in 1 trimester, then first of all it is necessary to take into account the typical toxicosis for this period. In the rest, there is no special specificity here is it’s consumed with moderation.

The next stage involves active development of the fetus. And women begin to worry much about everything, including whether pregnant can eat salty or spice food in the 2nd trimester. As already mentioned above – moderate quantities are permitted. The main thing is that there are no problems with the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract.

But then, food experiments must be abandoned. Because the answer to the question of whether pregnant woman can eat spicy food in the 3rd, trimester will be negative. The fact is that such food can cause premature birth. It increases the tone of the uterus. Therefore, here you should not experiment with your own health and with the health of the baby.

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Is Pepper Soup Good During Pregnancy? (See Answers Here)
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