How To Place Bets On The NBA

How To Place Bets On The NBA

How To Place Bets On The NBA

The NBA is edging towards its most important stage of the season, as the post-season play-in tournament will soon get underway. The play-in tournament will determine the final sides that will make up the playoffs for the 2020-21 season, and betting on the playoffs promises to be as popular as ever this season.

So, which markets can gamblers find online to make wagers on the games that will be taking place over the next couple of months?

Outright NBA Champion

The most popular market for basketball fans is the outright NBA Champions. This market will run throughout the playoffs, with the number of teams available to bet on decreasing depending on the sides that are knocked out.

Meanwhile, the odds that will be offered will also change throughout the playoffs, depending on how well the teams are performing.

Finding the best time to get value on your selection is crucial when it comes to betting on this market, as you will want to bet on the team that you think will win the NBA Championship when they have the highest odds.

To get the returns from the bet, the selection that you have made must be crowned champions.

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Eastern/Western Conference Champions

Those gamblers that are more interested in one of the respective conferences can instead bet on the team that will reach the NBA Finals.

Each conference will have one outstanding side at the top of the betting, which is typically the team that has performed best throughout the regular season.

The odds in this market typically aren’t as competitive as you would find in the NBA Championship betting market. However, the playoffs are unpredictable, which means that there could be an opportunity for potential returns if you do the research.

Moneyline Betting

Betting on the outright markets isn’t the only option available to NBA fans throughout the regular season, as the same individual match betting markets are also still available.

One of the most straightforward to understand for newcomers is the Moneyline. In this market, the bettor would simply be wagering on the team that they believe will win the game.

Handicap Betting

Handicap, or spread, betting is also available. Here, the favored side on the Moneyline will start the game with a disadvantage that they will need to overcome. It is a way to level the playing field, and the odds are increased should you be looking to bet on the team that are favored.

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For example, the Los Angeles Lakers may have a handicap of -6.5 in a game against the Detroit Pistons. To have a winning bet on the Lakers using the handicap market, they would need to win by at least seven points at the end of regular time.

Tips For Betting On The NBA

Like all sports betting, there is more to placing a wager than just siding with your favorite team. Instead, gamblers need to do extensive research to make sure that they make the best possible selection.

Only after doing the research will you be able to safely make a wager and have the best possible chance of returns.Check out The TwinSpires Edge NBA Trade Rumors page too and get informed about transfers and trades between NBA teams.

Some research that gamblers will need to do, includes looking at the form of the teams involved. Sides with long winning runs will have a better chance of claiming a victory than those that haven’t won for an extended period of time.

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Meanwhile, the head-to-head record is essential reading, as it could show trends, such as certain teams going long runs unbeaten against rivals.

Finally, team news is important reading, as this could have a direct impact on the result. For example, if the Lakers are playing without LeBron James, then they could have a more challenging assignment overcoming the team that they are playing against.

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How To Place Bets On The NBA
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