How To Become An Air Hostess In Nigeria 2019

How To Become An Air Hostess In Nigeria 2019

How To Become An Air Hostess In Nigeria 2019

How To Become An Air Hostess In 2019

1. Educational Qualifications

When it comes to the requirements needed to become an Air hostess I can tell you that it varies and depends on the requirements of the Airline that you will be working with.

Some airlines do accept O’level holders afterwards they will be required to take some basic training courses.

While some Airlines will require a basic degree preferable in Tourism,hospitality or any management related course.

2. Physical Attributes

If you have traveled with any international airlines like Emirates Etc you will notice that their air hostesses are exceptionally elegant and beautiful,infact their presence and professional courtesy will make you enjoy your journey more.

In Nigeria however,its almost the same,Air hostesses are expected to have some admirable physical qualities.

The beauty aspect however is not mandatory because I have flown in an airline with air hostesses that are not beautiful at all,in the end it all depends on the qualifications and qualities the Airlines are looking for.

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Air Hostess Jobs In Nigeria

Assuming becoming an Air hostess is your dream and passion you can enroll into one of the training in Nigeria that train air hostesses in Nigeria.

You will be taught how to carry yourself with charm and grace also a training course for handling adverse situation and the ability to sustain a calm attitude during emergencies in other to help others will be taught to you.

Some airliners might require their air hostesses to be able to speak multiple languages,so if your able to speak many languages,you already have an advantage, if you can’t,then consider taking up language classes.

With some qualifications in the bag you can proceed and start looking out for advertisements and placement in dailies to send your application.

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Visit the website of different airline operators, click on careers and then apply for the job or in some cases drop your cv with them,you might be contacted when there is a job opening

Sometimes all you need to do is to send an application,if your selected you will be trained by the airline,however it is good to be prepared in other to have an edge over other aspiring air hostesses.

If you are financially buoyant,you can take a course at the Nigerian college of aviation, Zaria.

Its a 10 weeks course that costs about N364,400 – N400,00.

The aim of the course is to train the cabin crew to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate on commercial air transportation and also to obtain the cabin crew license.

Before you can qualify to attend the school you should have the following qualifications:

    • A minimum of five credits including English Language and Mathematics.
  • The minimum age of an applicant to commence the course is 18 years.
  • Possession of a Class II medical certificate.
  • Minimum height requirement of 5ft 3in for female and 5ft 6in for male.
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After the course,you will write a license exam conducted by Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is the regulatory body for aviation in Nigeria.

If you pass,you will be issued a license,then you can start applying for jobs.

So after all these you may want to ask,how much does Air hostesses earn in Nigeria?

They are well paid,an air hostess in Nigeria earns between N150,000 and N350,000.


Apart from living your dreams of being an Air Hostess,you will have the opportunity to meet different people from all works of life and also travel to places you see on television for free,moreover being an air hostess is a fun job too.

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