Health Tips: How to loose weight



Eat in moderation

Number one on the list is to learn and develop the habit of eating in moderation. Too much of everything is not good and same applies to food. Eating large chunk of food doesn’t translate to good living. It leaves a lot of unwanted and excess food in your system that it takes long for them to digest. Therefore, eating moderately not only ensure you have the right amount of food needed in your system, it ensures your body has the right amount to be digested in time.


Putting the body to physical exercise is very important. You burn fat and get to stretch your body muscles. Releases tension and keeps you fit. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized. Although it comes with a lot of pain and sacrifice, the end result is definitely worth the endeavor.

Drink water

Water is very essential. Water is a gift of nature that keeps giving. It detoxifies the body system and it has the natural recovery ability. It helps purify the body stream and help to ease away unwanted particles stored up in the body system. When you urinate, you pass out so much more than just supposed liquid from your body. Take enough water especially early in the morning when you wake up.

Sleep (7-9hrs/night)

As a result of the hustle and bustle we get up to, most people tend to sleep less due to different factors. Work late, insomnia, over thinking etc are some of the reasons people sleep less but it’s important to create enough time to sleep. The body requires a recovery period and sleep is the antidote to that. It’s not magic. The body must rest and having enough sleep is highly needed. Burning unnecessary body fat hugely depend on this. Take the required amount of hours needed to have a decent sleep and rest. See how healthy your body will adjust and you will have a better health condition as a result of this.


Need i say more? This routine is not a one time thing. It must be a lifestyle. Do it over and over again till you master the trend. Be religious about it and make it something you constantly and consistently keep to. Repeat it and see how healthy you become and the best part, it doesn’t cost a fortune to practice.

All the best.

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