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BlocBoy JB – No Velcro Lyrics

BlocBoy JB – No Velcro Lyrics

BlocBoy JB – No Velcro Lyrics

No Velcro Lyrics by BlocBoy JB

Told that n—a he can eat the taco with muf-ckin..aye
I told that n—a he can eat the taco with one hand, not f—–g two hands
And I, okay, hold up, yeah, hold up, hey hey, hold up, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah

East side crippin, 700 living
Pull up on a n—a, pop ’em like a penicillin
Shoot ’em while he chillin, take a n—a children
I don’t give a f–k, b—h I’m tryna get a million
B—h I need them commas, b—h I’m on the come-up
Your b—h all I need, she put tongue up
I be kicking s–t like a punter
It’s 11:30, she’s a launcher
I’m a stunner
I got your b—h wet like my jewelry
Everywhere I go, don’t need
A n—a grew a b—h, that’s maturity
Now everywhere I go, all these b—h n—-s fear me
B—h it ain’t no hoe in me, aye it’s “on go” with me

I just sold a bow of weed in Memphis, Tennessee
No janitor, I got the keys, no ocean, I’m the sea
And I be balling, ain’t no me
You stalling, you ain’t close to me
Musical chairs, set your a-s down
I felt like I retired when I gave that boy that last round
Say you wanna jack? Well I’m finna beat your a-s now
Treat you like a blunt, watch how quick I get him passed down
Walked in the room, I got your b—h with her pants down
I shot that n—a, now he six feet in some sand now
I keep a fan, guess I’m somewhere in the stands now
I don’t think these p—y n—-s stand a chance now, really
30 in my car, make ’em pop a wheelie
B—h I keep that chocolate like I’m Wonka, Willie
Bananas in my pocket, it’s a jungle
He tried to rob me but I had a chopper, silly

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Yeah, yeah, he’s silly
N—a tried to pop me, n—a (?)
(?) in this b—h and he acting real silly
(?) in this b—h and you know it’s grippy, grippy, grippy
(?) trippy
.40 on my hippy, n—a you’ll get drippy
Aye, you can get it b—h, I don’t give a f–k, hoe
Pull up with that .30 and smoke your a-s like some like some crack though
We don’t smoke none of, none of that though
Get yo, get yo b—h a-s smacked though
And I always keep a f—–g snack hoe
And my pockets big big, yeah that’s a fat hoe
Yeah, that’s a fat hoe
And I’m in this b—h leaning like I’m Fat Joe
Yeah, yeah and my heart slow
I can’t love a b—h because you know my heart cold
B—h, jeepers creepers scarecrow
And a n—a get stomped in some shell toes
Yeah, yeah I don’t rock no velcro
Yeah, yeah I don’t rock no velcro, b—h

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