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A-Q – Eunice

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100 Crown

This is the naked truth
bare my soul every time do this
Signed a pact with a nudist, the body of work is Eunice
The spaces I exist in is the highest level for a Buddhist
The feeling is like feeling on Toke Makinwa’s booty
I’m filling up all the angles, the feeling is almost perfect
I know this isn’t real but I’m sitting on flying carpets
I see dead poets and ghost rappers letting their pen flex
I see ghost and tell em on crown I had the best verse
Bench press my homey
Your lyrical exercise is feeble

I captivate compassionately
I exist in the middle
Put the words together and I exist in the middle
Captivate compassionately
I exist in the middle
I’m killing this shit with riddles
Poetry in syringe and needles
Inject in your skin, the content is kinda lethal
I’m constantly trying to reach you
So why would I try to diss you

The scheme is kinda different
It’s close combat like Jiu-Jitsu
Cause friends are foes, backstabbing like we bending hoes
Benz and Royce
Gucci, Louis, Fendi clothes
They talk the shit they barely know
Let them know
Then I’m spitting like I’m letting the bajinotu go

If it’s a live challenge then I’m doing it like yo
Pros and Cons, the in the Pronouns
Pronounced the chosen one
You’re Thanos without the gauntlet on
With imaginary loaded guns
Like water for chocolate
I flow with a sugar-coated tongue

The price for streams is your uploaded songs promoted wrong
I pray to God Fresh L is listening
Next time you Twitter talk trash
You will be disciplined
Rhyme and reason
The reason you rhyme is to bring digits in
The reason I rhyme is to use rhymes to up your reasoning
The culture is now cultivated by cultists
Y’all culprits

Everyday a dead body with a bullet
That made the skull shift
That’s horse shit
A king walking in Sauls sin I’m haunted
But I kill these rappers just to stimulate my endorphins
My mama on the phone and she telling to be
I told her it’s in my blood already
I’m B+
But I’m done with this
Corny shit
The clout chasing that’s all this is
Whatever the game promises
I’m only here cause I this shit
Y’all rap on minimal beats
One way traffic minimal flow
Punchlines feel like minimal hits
I’m sick and tired of your minimal shit
Give me any beat, I demystify it
I’m running on water that’s really my flow
Man that’s really my bro
If we ever go head to head
We rubbing minds and really man knows

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