Payper Corleone – Sacrificial Lamb (Blaqbonez Diss Reply) Lyrics

Payper Corleone – Sacrificial Lamb (Blaqbonez Diss Reply) Lyrics
Payper Corleone – Sacrificial Lamb (Blaqbonez Diss Reply) Lyrics” alt=”” data-src=”–-Sacrificial-Lamb-Blaqbonez-Diss-Reply-Lyrics.jpg” />
Payper Corleone – Sacrificial Lamb (Blaqbonez Diss Reply)

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You tell him, you tell him I’m coming
You tell him I’m fucking coming!

[Verse 1 – Payper Corleone]
First things first i made myself
Had to use the play instrumental to let you know you played yourself
Meet the champ here to take y’all belt
Writing your name in a phonebook’s the only way to save yourself/
I know I said that I will catch him later but I want him now
The sacrificial lamb in sight, imma run ‘em down
I’ve got everything sorted now

Used to rap back in the day until you signed up with a 100 clowns
I must say you’re doing good with your upgrades
But it’s credit to cheque Alpha and Oxlade
Raised by a vulture
You don’t look good in anyway to be the face of the culture
You a ugly ass virgin, all my shorties fly
I did more numbers than your squad up on Spotify
No assistance, I’ll do it myself

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And to reach your full potential you had to make a fool of yourself
Southside, that’s where the gang from
Your goat never had no real opponents
He’s biggest win was Kelly handsome
Since you doing all these numbers and these funny tours
I just want to know one thing, is the money yours?
If they see me know I’m coming to spit

If we come across clips, most likely it’s a comedy skit
Your cyphers you had the worst flows on that
Outchere looking unhealthy like you don’t eat
And spend your dough on crack
This about bars not a popularity contest
I can tell from the onset you be making memes
I’m Still running with the wolves like I’m Zach lavine
My rap is mean and I never needed clout for streams
Don’t make me put the ones up on you

It was me who told 6ix to chill before run up on you
But now You can catch 2 in the dome smoking
What’s worse than being broke Blaq
I’ll tell you son having your Bones broken
You still need permission from your masters, me?
I make my own my moves and I own my masters
I’ll bet a stack that you owe your label
Your head dey shake guy that’s why your flows unstable
Even with the discount you’re sending my way?
I wouldn’t even go shopping Black Friday
I got a bullet for everyone that’s an insider
Stay away from the switch siders and dick riders
I will like to know your plug
A dehydrated Teni, nahh, you’re a broke young thug

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Hey yo Blaq, what’s popping?
Stop tweeting
Get in the booth, talk to me
But nah, I figured
You ain’t got the balls to
You ain’t even got the skill
It’s about bars, not a popularity contest
But regardless, since you’re talking about numbers
I did more numbers than your whole gang on spotify
Look it up nigga
My mixtape did more streams than your album my nigga
And I ain’t even making noise about it
I’m getting money in the streets
And still getting money of them streams baby
Fuck outta here! I got a bullet with your name on it

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