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Yung Simmie – Unfriendly Competition Lyrics

Yung Simmie – Unfriendly Competition Lyrics

Yung Simmie – Unfriendly Competition Lyrics

Unfriendly Competition Lyrics by Yung Simmie

I’d rather bump shoulders, fuck handshakes
It’s GlokkNine to flatten Fat Nick like a pancake
And if Pouya try to save his dog, you gon’ find him under dirt
I’ll show you who the underdog
Tell Germ that I’m sick, I got all the germs
If he try to save Pouya, I’ma do ’em like a perm
And put the heat to his head, then lay him down
Might rob Robb Bank$, tell him don’t make a sound
All these bars, I should do a crime
I ain’t talking Ultimate or C9 when you see the nine
On the block, I’m Ray Charles, ion see nine
I’m not the type to give a f–k, cuz I get mine

I know the people hungry, they waiting in the line
But don’t worry, I cook Curry like it’s dinner time
Rap n—-s too funny, no Dave Chappelle
It’s a new era, I might call up Nell & Rell
I stay high, no gravity
N—-s wanna be savages without salary
I’ma keep it real, that’s a Bible in my right hand
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie? No, call me boogeyman
I’m eating up the track and I leave the scraps
I’m with a thottie in the trap, getting top like a wave cap
It’s get money & it’s f–k Trump
Play stupid, gun in your mouth, no Lil Pump
And n—-s ride waves, on some hoe s–t
Clips coming out the tripple X like a p–n flick
You better do you, cuz I does this
The hit man, better hope your name ain’t on my hit list

I don’t take L’s, I ain’t Meek Mill
Sleep for the weak, I can’t sleep until I see mills
I ain’t talking math, but I solve problems
I’m ganged up n—a, you be with them crime stoppers
I’m smoking girl scout like ‘oh boy’
Chiefing on that keef, I ain’t talking bout’ no Glo Boy
I’m with that white girl, no snow boy
Got it out the mud, had to get it ofd the floor boy
But let’s bump shoulders, f–k handshakes
I’m bouta’ trip like the luggage in a suitcase
Don’t compare me, the flow so scary
My weed to loud I don’t think you hear me
Or you ain’t heard of me
Jet life how I’m high, just counting up the currency
I dunk in the p—y, she call me Scottie
Robbed a Lil Boat, I ain’t talking Yachty
Big Smokey, ask about me
Always smoking, keep the plug around me
You smoking mid, don’t stand around me

Unfriendly Competition


Produced By: Purp Dogg

Released: July 19, 2018

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