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Young Thug – Chains Choking Me Lyrics ft Gunna


Young Thug – Chains Choking Me Lyrics ft Gunna

Chains Choking Me Lyrics by Young Thug feat Gunna.

[Intro – Young Thug]
Ye, ye
Wheezy Beats

[Verse 1 – Young Thug]
might die from all these chains choking me in my sleep
I been traveling with the ‘chete like ‘lil savage
Last night I had a 15, it was 12, on me
Tried to gri-ip me but i won’t go
Baby girls just knows who we sets in
Baby, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Ooh-oooh-oh-oooh “mmm”

[Verse 2 – Gunna & Young Thug]
Put a lear inside the sky, hunnid’ thousand some feet
Pour my cup and in my eye, Yeezy boosts on my feet
We could hotbox through the crowd, I’m as high as can be
Forgiatos on my ride, getting that like Meech
Diamonds all under my chin, you gon’ know these VV’s
I been cashing out on drip, this Supreme Louis
I just popped another pill, pour that lean in the peach
Hope my cousin get his appeal, make it back to these streets
Floating through the atmosphere, I am out of your reach
I ain’t have to sign no deals, they got hunnids’ on me
Couple 24 inch rims on that big Bentley B
Furnished out the crib, treat this b—h like a suite
I might die from all these chains choking me in my sleep
I keep stacking all these backends, keep my b—–s on fleek
Last night, I had a 15, so there was 12 on me
Now-ooh-ooh, bring the right back, yeah

[Verse 3 – Young Thug]
Got millions off a bando, ooh
I got the team rich now, ooh
I’m tired of risking my soul
Plain jane, not a bust down
Rep the set, I’m gon’ get down
I make sure your weight cut like a bachelorette
Tripping on the tour , get used to that
Napping on a jet, cos’ we barely rest
Plain jane AP, I put ice in that
Plenty on x and that angel dust
I got a little a coke, if you want
But you gotta use your nose
Light round diamonds on my wrist like a (?)
I hold the jet down with a stick
We big as the law when we rich
My pilots are doing the dash
I be in jet (?)
I put a ten on the tag
I don’t do the clearance on tags
(?) on my breath
I ran up this money, don’t lack
I’m tired of the backstabs
Put that d–k in her abs like
Oooooh “Wheezy Beats”
Won’t you bring on my (?)
You-you see that hole, you better not fall in love with me
Ain’t got a caution tape, all around this hole baby girl
You better not fall in love with me baby, mmm
I’m running back just how she backflips
(?) know she back there looking like
Do not fall in love with me


Produced By: Charlie Handsome, Bobby Raps & Wheezy

Engineering: Alex Tumay & Joe LaPorta
Released: August 17,
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