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Wale – Cassius (Excellency) Lyrics

Wale – Cassius (Excellency) Lyrics

Wale – Cassius (Excellency) Lyrics

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[Intro – Muhammad Ali]
And you, George Foreman –
All of you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him
All of ya!
I know you got him, I know you got him picked
But the man’s in trouble
I’mma show YOU how GREAT I AM!

[Verse 1]
Hold up! Black excellence, I be rapping it differently, uh
Tell Howard Cosell I’m Howard Hughes with this rapping thing? “uh”
Underrated from Chocolate City with all the flavor
My b—–s ball like I’m Q. McCall, they Sanaa Lathan
Black excellence, we depart from the negative, boy
Black denim that keep a knot like a pessimist, boy
Black n—-s hate black n—-s, that’s evident so
Keep black windows with masked n—-s that never miss, boy
Charles Manson to celebrate it, somebody save us
Dr. Sebi was really curing what people gave us
I’m a beacon of what you become if you got passion
I feel like Ali, but feel like I be with all the cash is
Never could reach the masses
Label said I’m too deep and I told them people that’s frowning
Blacks executed for moving around
And maybe I think too deep, but I think it be for this brown skin
Pro-black isn’t anti-white
But how we act like we don’t see no Tiki Torches at night? “Ya dig”
Pro-black isn’t anti-white, but if a N–i try me, catch these Ali hands on sight “ya dig, dig”

[Interlude – Jimmy Jacobs]
He’s young, he’s handsome. He’s a poet, a prophet –
And many people believe he’ll be the next heavyweight champion of the world…

[Verse 2]
Uh, yeah, boy
Yeah, black excellence, a young perfectionist
White America’s fear is intelligent men with melanin
Uh, rap effortless, son of African immigrants
Every baguete is packed, like I’m ’bout to “psh, psh” with anyone
You a field n—a, posing as real n—a
An uncle Tom that can sorta rhyme, so they deal with ya
With me, I see through it
The honorable Wale Folarin, Cassius, Muhammad
Sonny Liston you lil’ n—-s
Say my name “Olu”, now say my name “Olu”
Tell the ref to lift up my fist
Mr. Heyman pay me my loot
Black excellence, uh, black Lexus that we never drive
Ride me, if you get the drift
I’m the underdog, they don’t talk about what I’ve done
The odds seven-to-one, the seventh bell, you’ll be done
I talk how I talk, I’m walking that walk
Could never fight for a country that want me to fall, nah
Exiled for a short minute when Zyla was born
Beef with her mama literally was throwing me off
But I’m back, that’s my word, if he back
Then I be in the speedback, and go “brrrrt”, yeah
A gat with the words
Black excellence, chocolate city, b—h
I’m on the phone with Kuna (?) talking a milly, b—h
Just a correctional, cut the message off really quick
No pressure, impressive, despite they effort, hit ’em again
You have a collect call from –
Double M, DC and I’ma rep my dog, yeah
Nah, y’all never catch my vibes
I mean I write it, I really write it, I’m still South Paw
Awkward, lefty, introvert, it’s hard to get near me
That’s why I’m in interviews high because I be highly defensive, for real
I’m black and I’m proud, no walking me down
We shocking the world again, let me give it out! “Bruh”

[Outro – Muhammad Ali & Wale]
I shook up the world!
And I’m the greatest thing that ever lived!
Black excellence
I’m king of the world!
I upset Sonny Liston
Black excellence
I must be the greatest
Black excellence
I shook up the world!
You must listen to me
I am incredible!
Alright, ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and gentleman, I must tell you this…
Say my name, Olu “Olu, Olu”

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