University of Ibadan Cut Off Mark Calculation



Many future students from Nigeria dream to study at the University of Ibadan because this educational institution is considered one of the best in the whole country. If you also have plans to enter this university, you already know how tight competition is here. You should also learn how to calculate UI cut off mark as this will help you visualize your chances of becoming a UI student.

It is better to know UI admission requirements for as well as University of Ibadan cut off mark for different departments offered here.


When it comes to Nigerian students who haven’t passed JAMB examination, they can go through post JAMB exams. There are some requirements you have to meet, and knowing how to calculate UI cut off mark is the first thing to do.

Thus, to be eligible for post JAMB exams you should be the candidate with the following results:

  • UTME points of at least 200 or better more
  • UI has to be the number 1 choice of your university
  • Your O’level points should be at least C6 or higher


Each UI cut off mark is easily calculated using a formula. We will explain this in details. Post UTME maximum score is 100%. Now let us understand what you have to add up to get the final point:

  • Post UTME score you have earned has to be divided by two
  • JAMB points are divided by eight

Before you add everything up to get your UI cut off mark in percent, let us look at this simple illustration. For example, you have scored 280 (out of 400) points at JAMB and 66 (out of 100) at post UTME.

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We have to divide 280 by 8 which equals 35; and we should also divide 66 by 2 which equals 33. Now let us just sum both numbers 35 plus 33 and we will get 68. You receive this percent or 68%.

Now you know your post UTME aggregate score, so you have to just compare it to the University of Ibadan cut off mark and you will know if you have been lucky to study here.



These are approximate cut off marks for University of Ibadan’s departments, so you can get an idea if your aggregate score is close to what is required by this institution or not.


  • Economics – your points should be more than 51%
  • Rural development – the average score has to be higher than 52%
  • Animal science – the starting point is around 52%
  • Environmental biology and agronomics – the cut off mark is approximately 54%-54.5%


  • Classical studies – you have to score at least 57-61%
  • Anthropology – your points have to be higher than 54-57%
  • Archaeology – students are expected to reach 50-52% or more
  • Arabic literature & language – your score has to be around 50-59%
  • English literature & language – you need to score at least 58-65%
  • Language arts – you have to earn 63-68% or more
  • Russian language – candidates should score 50-55%
  • French language – you need to get approximately 55-63%
  • German language – the expected score is around 50-59%
  • Islamic studies – your expected cut off mark is 50-54%
  • History – the cut off points are 56-60%
  • Yoruba studies – students should get approximately 50-55%
  • Linguistics – UI cut off mark for this is 57-63%
  • Music – candidate’s score should be at least 57-59%
  • Theater arts – you have to get the average score of 59-64% or higher
  • Philosophy – candidates have to earn 53-62%
  • Religious studies – you need to get 50-53%
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  • Early child and adult education, kinetics – you need to score at least 50-53%
  • Biology, Arabic education, French education, Yoruba – students should get around 50% or more
  • Chemistry – candidates have to score 50-55%
  • Economics – UI candidates have to get 50-63%
  • English education – students should get around 50-68%
  • History, geography, counseling, library studies – you need to earn approximately 50-58%
  • Mathematics – candidate’s average score has to be 50-54%
  • Physics, religious studies – your average cut off mark has to be 50-60%
  • Political science – students have to receive 50-62%
  • Educational management – you have to score around 50-56%
  • Special education – candidate’s cut off score has to be 50-52%


  • Dentistry – you should score 64-67%
  • Nursing – you have to earn 58-64%
  • Biochemistry – students should get approximately 55-58%
  • Laboratory science – candidates are expected to reach 57-61%
  • Dietetics – UI candidates should reach at least 58%
  • Surgery – your average cut off mark should be around 71-72%
  • Physiotherapy – student’s average score is 61-63%
  • Physiology – you have to score at least 58-63%


  • Law – students have to achieve around 63-71%


  • Forest products, fisheries, ecotourism management, and environmental forestry – you have to get at least 50% or more
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  • Archaeology, chemistry – your cut off points should be 50% or higher
  • Anthropology, industrial chemistry – students are expected to get around 56%
  • Mathematics, botany – you need to score around 53%
  • Computer science – candidates have to receive 56-61%
  • Physics, geography – candidate’s average score has to be around 52%
  • Geology – you need to receive approximately 55%
  • Zoology – your score has to be around 54%
  • Statistics – students should receive around 51%
  • Microbiology – candidates should score around 53-58%


  • Sociology – you have to score 56-63%
  • Economics – students should receive 63-66%
  • Psychology – candidates have to get approximately 51-57%
  • Geography – you should receive 50-54%
  • Political science – approximate cut off mark is 59-65%
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary medicine – you should get approximately 57-60%


  • Environmental engineering – students are expected to score about 50-53%
  • Electronics engineering – candidates have to get around 64-69%
  • Civil engineering – you should receive approximately 62-64%
  • Mechanical engineering – student’s average cut off mark is 60-65%
  • Food technology – candidate’s points have to be at least 50-52%
  • Production engineering – you need to receive 59-63%
  • Wood products engineering – students have to score 50-55%
  • Petroleum engineering – AU admission is around 56-62%

Now you can easily calculate your UI cut of mark and check the minimum requirements from the University of Ibadan. Choose your department and cross your fingers. We wish you luck and hope you will be admitted into the institution of your dreams.

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