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Types Of Cultism In Nigerian University, Their Symbols And Motto (Photos)



The next type of cultism is called the “Aro-Mates”. It was established by three that were once a part of the Pyrate’s Community. This cult is also called the Vikings cult. Their motto and rules are the following: not to retreat even before the death and “blood in the sea”, and to sing piracy songs.

Their symbol also contains an axe, to be more precise, two crossed axes and a boat.

2) Supreme Eiye Confraternity or Air Lords

The next one is called “Air Lords”, or “Supreme Eiye Confraternity”. It was founded by students who aspired for self-development and were dismissive to other types of cultism. Their main opinion became: “there are no enemies, and there are no , just a confraternity, and discipline”. The symbol of this movement is the skull and crossbones.

3) Dedy Na debt

This particular cult called “Dedy Na debt”, involves the worship of the demon in an image of a mad person. They believe that their deal puts them above all the other types of cultism. All the members faithfully perform an oath.

4) Ciao-Sons or mafia based cultism

As for the Ciao-Sons ideology, its roots originated from the virtue of and American mafia. Affiliated to its activity, the members invented the following rules: parties, secrets, and revenge against oppression.

5) Women’s communities or female cultism

Well, women’s communities, such as “Viqueens”, “Black Bra”, “the Damselalso”, and “Daughters of Jezebel” were also founded by students. By the way, their ideology is grounded on already existing men’s brotherhoods. Usually, they were just girlfriends or colleagues of members of the “secret cults”.

Female cultism includes representatives of the female gender, who come together to reach their sacred goals or for other special objectives. They often meet in forests or other remote locations, make circles, sing songs and read out some spells and invocations.

As for the female cultism in , it should be mentioned that a large number of people have affirmed that they are a part of such female gatherings and their participation in their activities.

6) Kegite club

The next one is “Kegite club”. It is one of the few movements which are still thriving nowadays. In comparison to other, more invasive groups, they don’t follow the principles of the wealth, power, popularity, and revenge. This one is more of a sociocultural movement, which believes that there should be no diversity. Members of this organization are very tolerant. They believe that all ethnic groups are equal, and their major rule is to stay true to themselves. The symbol of this movement is close to nature and it is a green palm.

In general, the cult promotes a number of actions, which propagandize the regeneration of the mind, soul, and body after the tedious day. Also, their ideology has no negative consequences (such as the unreliability, fear, loss of important vital values or deterioration), as many other groups have. They aim for the improvement of individual qualities.

7) Supreme Vikings Confraternity

The community “Supreme Vikings Confraternity” is also known as “The Adventures” or “the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria”. It was established by a former participant of the Buccaneer confraternity. The symbol of this movement is known as SVC.

Well, as you can see, there are different types of cultism in Nigeria, and all of them have their own objectives and goals. Most of them were originated from universities and they each have their own unique way of self expression. We have shown you a list of the main cultism communities in Nigeria and their symbols. As you may guess there are many others in the country and their number continues to grow annually.

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