TSTV Packages and Prices

TSTV Packages and Prices

TSTV Packages and Prices

Satellite TV is getting more popular in Nigeria. There are new companies with progressive offers. The number of channels is growing, and they are really worth your attention. Here we have TSTV frequency and symbol rate, so set your decoder and enjoy the programmes.


The soon to be largest satellite TV provider in Nigeria proposes a huge number of channels, the company will cover all the states at the nearest time. So, let’s see the main advantages of the company.

  • The company provides first Pay-As-You-Watch Cable TV in Nigeria;
  • There is a very convenient function of pause and play, you can save 50 GB of TV information on the decoder;
  • The company provides a huge number of channels, so everyone can find an interesting show or movie to watch;
  • Different packages allow everyone to subscribe at a cheap price;
  • The decoder is HBB TV tech-based with 4.5G.


Here is all the needed information for the installation and settings to enjoy the satellite TV.

  • TSTV frequency: 10972 V 30000 and 11007 V 30000, 11009 V 30000 and 11087 V 30000
  • Symbol Rate: 30000
  • Position: ABS 3A @ 3° West
  • Polarity: Horizontal
  • Dish Size: 60cm (offset) and above
  • LNB Position: 4 ‘O’ Clock

It should be noted that it is new TSTV frequency, so if you have old settings or some problems with the channels, try the frequency presented above.


TSTV Decoder and a dish will cost you 5000. The decoder gives you the ability to watch more than 100 channels + 20GB of data, and the function of video calls.

Here we have the list of TSTV packages:

  • TSTV Monthly Bouquet for N3000
  • TSTV 2 Weeks Bouquet for N1500
  • TSTV 10 Days Bouquet for N1000
  • TSTV Weekly Bouquet for N700
  • TSTV 3 Days Bouquet for N500
  • TSTV Daily Bouquet for N200

As you can see, the packages and prices are suitable for every kind of users, so try the quality cable TV by TSTV Nigeria.

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