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Swae Lee – Red Wine Lyrics

Swae Lee – Red Wine Lyrics

Swae Lee – Red Wine Lyrics

Red Wine Lyrics by Swae Lee

[Verse 1]
Don’t you run away “hol’ up”
caught you on a wave “yeah”
’m not tryna follow the blind
And you not tryna be left behind
It takes more than two shots “ooh”
To wipe my memory clean
And was busting in blocks
Just to hear you sing “oh, oh, oh, girl”

Good girl “hey”
’ll see you in the daytime
’m just too lit for white wine “yeah”
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Good girl “hey”
I’ll see you in the daytime
I’m just too lit for red wine “lit”
Yeah, yeah, yeah “uh huh”

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[Verse 2]
You wanted to go down in this place
This good gas has me in a good space
Between the money and the women, I wake up still in a daze
Daze, daze
No roleplay
Can’t roleplay
Oh, yeah
Enjoy your trip
Just be you and I’ll be all that I can be
This love got you borderline crazy
I crashed on your shore, oh
And now let’s move forward

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Swae Lee – Red Wine Lyrics
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