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SOB x RBE – Onna Gang Lyrics ft DaBoii

SOB x RBE – Onna Gang Lyrics ft DaBoii

SOB x RBE – Onna Gang Lyrics ft DaBoii

Onna Gang Lyrics by SOB x RBE ft DaBoii

Shit, Ima name this shit onna gang nigga
Cuz, nigga, everything I’m saying nigga, thats on gang nigga

Just cuz you got ya ass a gun, that don’t make you a gangster
Ole bad ass lil boy, I’ll give you a spanking
I know some niggas want me dead, I be keeping em patient
Keep taking pictures with all them hammers, ain’t beating no cases
Load the clips up with gloves, I ain’t leaving no traces
I’ll leave up out this earth before leaving a statement
Fuck with us, yeah just know you’re beefing with Haitians
We ride around with baby K’s onna special occasion

Lil bitch Ima dog, but a lion at heart
You know that shit gon come to light, you can’t hide in the dark
And you can’t get up in this whip, catch you riding a bar
And you don’t mean shit you tweet but be typing it hard
And everytime I hit a bitch, it be from behind
When they had me in that cell, I was beefing with time
Nah nigga, I don’t rap I’m just speaking my mind
DaBoii for President, bitch I’m freeing my guys
Keep on talking out your neck, that shit funny as fuck
I’m finna pull up on your sister and bust me a nut
I’m not familiar with no manners or no hometraining
You the best liar of the year with all that bold facing

I’m just tryna touch a B and I got no patience
If you owe me pay me in full nigga, no payments
I ain arguing with niggas I be close casing
Boy I been about my chicken I be BoJanging
SOB RBE we the most hated
Keep praying on our downfall, you gon hate it
Ain’t no C’s in this P nigga no banking
Disrespectful lil boy, you’s a no naming
Mouth on blingy bling, your bitch want my Jimmy Dean
Nigga you don’t really want beef, you a chilli bean
Labels calling, ringy ring
Ride me, silly thing

Lying bitch keep claiming I’m her lover, must be Billy Jean
And its 200 on this dash, Valet I’m parking at
It’s still a mystery, can’t remember where my heart was at
Where my target at? Z lock with me and I’m sparking that
You talk behind my back, I take your bitch
Her back? She arching that
I keep that mufucking .40
And you don’t want no problems with that Deuce Deuce
Ima young wild nigga wit an old soul
90’s baby, middle fingers to the new school
I’m bad with keys, just push the start and it go vroom vroom
He claim he up but in his pockets ain’t no blue clue

This .40 go bang this .45 go boom boom
Bip Tune reminiscing gone too soon
Why I’m so fucked up in the head, I wish I knew the answer
Bitch lock that phone up in that purse cuz ion do the cameras
Hand me some hundreds, that ain’t blue then I’m throwing a tantrum
If I can’t pour up with that Sprite Ima go with the Fanta
I got some demons in my gang your gang full of just brodies
And I ain’t popping out a pill, Ima smoke me some Dobie
Its 3 peons in your whip, Roly, Poly, and Oly
Leave a hole up in your whip, now you’re holy and moly

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