Home Entertainment Snoop Dogg Blasts Tekashi69 For Taking Deal

Snoop Dogg Blasts Tekashi69 For Taking Deal


Yesterday, we learned that Tekashi  has pleaded guilty to all of the Federal charges against him and is almost certainly working with the .

is not impressed with the youngsters rat turn and aired him out in an Instagram .

“N*ggas is bustas, man. “The era come from, you couldn’t tell on a n*gga. look like your auntie,” Snoop said, referencing the scarf covering his hair. “But that n*gga out there acting like your auntie telling on n*ggas. Your snitching, working with the government. After the government shutdown, the n*gga decides to work with the government.”

How much time do you think 6ix9ine ends up serving?

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