Skydive II Lyrics Boogie Ft 6Black

Tired / Reflections Lyrics Boogie

Skydive II Lyrics Boogie Ft 6Black

Lyrics Skydive II By Boogie Ft 6Black

[Verse 1: Boogie]
You called to see if I was home then
Sleeping in, get boring, uh
Our landlord tripping off my speakers ’cause they’re low end
You pull up with no warning, uh
This the season for us growing
Let’s go deep in the unknown then, uh
But by evening we’ll be mourning
You leave me with no warning, uh
Look at you lettin’ the cold in
No, I ain’t movin’, I’m frozen, uh
No, I ain’t bitter, I’m broken, uh
At least you could give me a warning
Yeah, yeah, okay

[Chorus: Boogie]
Mother of my skies, why you always gotta intervene? (Uh)
Father of my time, don’t you got some more to give to me? (Uh)
Anything, anything
Mother of my skies, why you always gotta intervene? (Uh)
Father of my time, don’t you got some more to give to me?

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[Verse 2: Boogie]
You clouded my judgment, uh
Surround me with flooding
You talk when I talk just to drown out discussions, uh
She like “How we gon’ fuck
When your friends in the living room all on the game, uh?”
Say what you want, shit
Don’t nothin’ get easy ’bout that walk of shame
Talkin’ bout stayin’ in
I blame you for being petty and
Tellin’ me pull up when you ain’t ready and
All the dates that you didn’t bet me
But we don’t go ’cause
The going out get weird and
Come to the understanding
We can’t overcome them fears, with
Without them to start clear (Haha)

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[Verse 3: 6LACK]
Blocking my view, don’t you see me tryna watch the game?
Don’t be wasting time askin’ how to say my name
Another 24 gone, wishin’ I had 25
Spent 24 thinkin’ ’bout her down 69
I spent three-six-five
With the biggest star in the sky
That me, myself, and I
But how will I know if I fell in love?
You’re making it cold
Could’ve sent me a text alert
Could’ve lit off one of them little red flares, smoke in the air
Somebody somewhere noticed the color
Heart starts to stutter, flutter
Mother, sky, I’m listening to Young Gunna

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Album: Boogie New Album Everything’s For Sale

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Skydive II Lyrics Boogie Ft 6Black
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