Simi – Charlie Lyrics

[Verse: Simi]

’ve been trying
To write you a song for years
But ’m not sure what to say
Can’t stop crying
Although you’ve been gone for years
wish that you could have stayed
See, walked down the aisle just the other day
But you weren’t there to walk me
’m not mad o, I take that back I’m furious
didn’t take my chance to
Tell you goodbye and I love
Oooh I love you
Too many many Christmases
Many many happy birthdays
That you have missed
I think about all things that could’ve been
Cheers to the future wey you no see
I want to make you proud
I hope you’re in heaven smiling down
Say hello to the angels now
I’m still your angel now

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Charlie, if I could see your face
One more day you’re mine, Charlie
So many things I want to say
Like I miss you, I won’t forget you and
This love will last
This love will last forever

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Simi – Charlie Lyrics
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