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Royce Da 5’9” – Stay Woke Lyrics ft Ashley Sorrell

Royce Da 5’9” – Stay Woke Lyrics ft Ashley Sorrell

Royce Da 5’9” – Stay Woke Lyrics ft Ashley Sorrell

Stay Woke Lyrics by Royce Da 5’9” ft Ashley Sorrell

[Verse – Royce Da 5’9″]
Yeah, now you see what the Lord doing
Ripping pages out the book, I had to make the story fluent
Thanks to Marshall, I’m sober doing what I enjoy doing
I’m puttin Chavis Chandler on, had to at least pay it forward to him
Yeah, every other day another star is born
And that’s to freshen the decaying of the art form
F–k with my commas, s–t will be quick
Got what’s in my pocket out of the dirt, filthy rich
I stuck to my promise to momma, stay focused

Double entendre, I’m tryna vocally smoke you, you will be missed
The hokus, the pokus, magician doing tricks in his miserable business
Who spit, loyalty, forgiveness through biblical scripts
Of morals and wisdom
Painting pictures of this historical war of attrition who’s just, the dopest, the wokest
I’m five years sober
Trauma from my childhood, constantly haunts me ’til I finally cry tears over
Sharp as a gauntlet, with thoughts of my side-chick in high heels
‘Cause I didn’t want her, I needed her, though I didn’t want her
I’m hot as July, no lie, I wouldn’t lie in a sauna
Invest in the truth, don’t expect me to buy into moment

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They done took the charts over so now y’all scared of them shook n—-s?
Jamal Crawford couldn’t cross-over and sell me them wolf tickets
Uhh, “Best Rapper Alive” broadcasts in five
Four, three, two, one
I’m fly as a dive in the sky in a harness
Anyone alive sleeping on me can die in pajamas
Police call me a threat to society, though I am a promise
I am a one-of-one like I’d say a Isaiah Thomas
You can’t fathom thinking deep enough to sink the abyss

You think you Pac, I’m thinking of sinking your Demetrius Shipp
Only thing that I can’t fathom is why the preacher is rich
How to think in moderation and turn a drink to a sip
I’m private when I fly, I ball out like ‘Bron do
You in the game but you sit and coach like Tyronn Lue
Me and my soldiers we just out here mobbing like old Italians
Snatching your homie’s necklace to rock it with your medallion
Over these groceries, I’m toe-to-toe with your whole battalion
I hit you with four from this .44 like Hova album
I take lives like banned contracepts
All the contraband I collect is Iran contra-esque

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Respect the mantra or die at the hands of consciousness
Run up and get left ran down to death on your d–n conscious steps
The booze already made me lose, I can’t go out like I’m Amy Winehouse
The Lord graciously still kept me here in a place to be
On the corner like baby Blue standing in timeout
Looking real spiritually aware, pair of Pumas on
Looking like I’m aboard a Lear, headed to uniform
I’m so lyrically rare, I spearheaded the unicorn

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[Outro – Ashley Sorrell]
I was born a born one, sugar-coated on
The way I’m living put me in a great position now
Every time they hear me, they say, “Ain’t nobody did this, nah”
And if they don’t, they s–t been off
Just listen to the diction in this lyricism
I won’t break a fool, they don’t want me to blow
But every single show, they hand out like I owe ’em
I already paid my dues and wordings, uh
But if I said it then they still won’t know
So I won’t waste my time on you
And speaking on the level that ya never on
No way they hating so incredible
My writings on the wall, to you, it’s so illegible
I’m invincible, you’re sleeping on me, I’ma stay woke
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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