Rich The Kid x Blac Youngsta – Who Run It Remix Lyrics



Who Run It Remix Lyrics by Rich The Kid x Blac Youngsta

[Intro – Blac Youngsta]
Aye b—h
What’s popping
Rest in peace to my n—a Lil’ Infamous
You know, I watched that n—a when I was a young n—a coming up and s–t
You know, straight gangsta’
(?) South Memphis

[Verse 1 – Blac Youngsta]
Want me to pipe up on you b—–s
You must gonna give me some cheese or sum
You must of do a free magic trick
You must gonna get on your knees or sum
If your b—h spend the night and I ain’t f–k
She must’ve be bleeding or sum
If you run up on me thinking I ain’t tough
You must want to leave or sum
You must don’t think the lil’ n—-s I’m running with
Won’t pull up and squeeze or sum
I might f–k around and pull down on a cop
And make him freeze or sum
You must don’t think I’ll have them shooters laying down
(?) or sum
You keep playing with the gang we gone pull down
Chop your trees or sum
My b—h mad every time I leave or sum
She get a lil’ evil sum

And she bad every time I feed her sum
She get a lil greedy sum
I pay taxes every time I spend my money
I’m a need a receipt or sum
Y’all must think n—-s in the M-town ain’t having them keys or sum
They might feel your block up
Memphis we do walk up
Playing in the M get shot up
Ask somebody ’bout us
Homicide who done it
Ask around the city who run it
Word around the town, you the target
Ask the whole city who gun it
You n—-s pops scared or sum
If this rap s–t ain’t work, I prolly be in the feds or sum
I know them f–k n—-s can’t stand my guts
They want me dead or sum
You get shot in your arm and leg or sum
For going around telling sum
I’m in the V6
Honda Accord need the heat fix
N—a I been on that Three 6
Big Draco I sweep s–t
You ain’t never been in that water
Come ’round me get sea sick
N—a I came from the bottom
Went to the top like a G6
And that b—h that was s——g on me
Tell that lil’ b—h eat d–k
I done shot n—-s (?)
But my seat ain’t see s–t
Selling dope in the hallways
Always knew I’ll be rich
Teacher told me I won’t be s–t
I was too busy on the street s–t
I been shot, I been shot at
Extortion fees you can wire that
I got n—-s in the penitentiary wit’ a life sentence that’ll fly that
Where you gonna hide at
Where you gonna die at
Might as well plan your funeral
Where your tie at
Right there on that sofa where your mama gone cry at
Right there on that stand where my n—-s gone lie at
You got bustas running with you cause you allow that
When that smoke detective go off, boy where your fire at

[Verse 2 – Rich The Kid]
You don’t run it
Pull out the choppa he running
More smoke than a chimney
Like p—y n—a you don’t want it
They taking yo’ money and split it
Calling your girl she with it
I just might f–k on Brittany
Too much internet talk gone get me
You n—-s can’t be serious
I know you a p—y like Darius
Promoters keep calling to book me, I need me a 50 a period
How much of that check is you getting when Drama is taking, I’m curious
You ain’t a boss, ain’t richer than me, you must be delirious
Make it rain than I leave
Bentley truck but you leased it
AP make you seasick
Lil Uzi he’s a big b—h
Wrist cost eighteen hunned
You signed a 360, ain’t getting no money
This rap s–t funny
The gang get you for a lil’ bit of nothing

[Outro – Blac Youngsta]
And um and and and
I’m on whatever a n—a wanna be on, you know
We won’t, we won’t doing all that m———–g talkin
And s–t, no talk s–t out b—h hah ooh
Yea, you know
Take this s–t to God
Ion wanna hear it
Who run it ?
M-town s–t n—a
Nah saying
You know, everybody in the M got some stripes, n—a
You know we all gangstas
You know even the bustas will, the bustas will shoot some n—a
You know what I’m saying, you would be a straight b—h
Yea my stick gonna hit, you know
But it’s gangsta s–t over here where we at n—a
South Memphis, (?) back killing (?)
Cash Gang, CMG
Hold on, hold on, aye, aye
For you cut this s–t off, I just wanna say
Shout out the bad b—–s in my city
Nah saying
You know Memphis we got some bad b—–s they gutter though
Real s–t on my mama

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