Primaries: Governor El-Rufai advises aspirants to stay in APC

Primaries: Governor El-Rufai advises aspirants to stay in APC
Primaries: Governor El-Rufai advises aspirants to stay in APC

Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna state has advised All Progressives Congress (APC) aspirants in the state not to leave the party after the primaries that will soon be conducted by the party.

This was even as he craved the indulgence of the aspirants to support whoever emerges as party candidate to enable the party win the general elections.

He made this known while speaking at Kaduna APC Emerging Youth Summit at the weekend.

The Governor said instead of leaving the party, it will be better for them to rally behind whoever wins the party’s primary elections, while they bid their time, noting that only God gives power and He will give them only when He wants.

He said that by supporting the party to win, those who lose APC primaries are also paving way for being given appointments.

El-Rufai said that among all the aspirants vying for different political offices under APC, only one person will win in each of the primaries. He therefore urged the aspirants to be patient.

“We have many people aspiring for different positions under APC in the state and among them, only one person will emerge or win in the primary. If you lose out from the primary, try to support whoever emerges and wait for your time.

“Identify with the person that wins to work together. Don’t start thinking of leaving the party or engage in anti party activities simply because you lose in the primary election,” he said.

According to el-Rufai, he has no preferred aspirants among all those aspiring for elective positions in the state until after the primary elections.

He said whoever wins the party ticket during the primary election will be supported by the party and government leadership.

The Governor however appealed to the electorates to ensure that only credible individuals with intergrity are elected during 2019 general elections, to enable them benefit fully the dividends of democracy.

El-Rufai explained further that his administration believes in giving youths the chance to become leaders which was why he appointed many of them as commissioners, aides and special assistants.

“Today, majority of our local government chairmen are young people because we believe in their ability to lead. We know they have all it takes to be leaders, which is why they were given the opportunities,” he said.

The Governor urged the youths to always work towards achieving their leadership dreams and not to disappoint their fellow youths. According to him, many elites from the ruling party left simply because he (el-Rufai) decided to give youths a chance in his goverment.

The Governor also assured the primary school teachers being owed salary that he was going to meet with those involved and ensure that the challenge is resolved to enable them get their salary and allowances soon.

The state Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Mohammed Abdullahi, who was the chairman of the Youth summit 2018 said the Governor gave him the opportunity to serve in his cabinet making him one of the youngest commissioners in the country at 34-35 years old, adding that El-Rufai’s administration truly believes in youth capacity development.

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