Police, youths clash over death of motorcyclist in Anambra

Police, youths clash over death of motorcyclist in Anambra
Police, youths clash over death of motorcyclist in Anambra

Hell was let loose yesterday when youths in Nteje community in Oyi Local Council in Anambra State attempted to burn down a police station in the area over the death of motorcyclist.

It was learnt that the motorcyclist died on Tuesday night while trying to evade police arrest.

He was said to have sped off in the night on sighting a team of policemen on duty and in the process ran into a moving vehicle along the Onitsha-Enugu expressway.

He was taken to a near by hospital where he was confirmed dead afterwards.

As the news of his death spread, youths of the community mobilised themselves and headed to the police station to burn it but before that the police had called for reinforcement to protect the building.

Not done, the youths re-grouped yesterday morning, blocked the expressway chanting war songs.

Again, police also mobilised and dispersed the youths.

The state police public relations officer Haruna Mohammed, while confirming the story, said the motorcyclist died while trying to escape from the arm of the law.

Mohammed reminded that there is a law banning motorcyclists from operating after dusk, a law the late motorcyclist violated and was trying to escape punishment.

According to him it was while the offender was trying to escape that he met his untimely death and police were not to blame.

He also said the police promptly arrested the situation so the protesters could not do any damage.

He said: “Yesterday morning, the protesters regrouped but the police brought the situation under control”.

Mohammed could not, however, confirm the number of youths that the police arrested as a result pleading to ascertain from the Commissioner of police.

He also denied rumour that four people were dead, insisting that only the motorcyclist died.

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