Nas: I do not beat women

Nas: I do not beat women

American rapper Nas has spoken for the first time about the allegations of domestic abuse made against him by Kelis Rogers, his ex-wife.

Nas addressed her claims in a seven-part letter posted on Instagram on Friday.

The rapper started with an apology, saying “I am speaking from the heart as a man who has had enough”.

He said it was necessary to tackle his ex-wife’s allegations because she has told “another sad fictitious story” to Essence Magazine.

Nas said the singer is guilty of the things she has accused him of, noting that it all started when he took her to court to fight for the custody of their son.

The Queensbridge rapper insisted that he has never touched Kelis, saying “I do not beat women”.

He wrote: “I’m a mild mannered god fearing very fair human being who tries his hardest to please everyone. It’s my nature. I’ve seen this too many times before.

“After 10 years of keeping my silence during a decade of dealing with very hostile behavior and verbal abuse and even your stepfather holding you back from one of your physical violent attacks on me right outside your house THIS YEAR while trying to pick up our son while he watched from the window, it was my weekend and you denied me that because your parents were in town. I just went home. This has been my life for my son’s entire life.”

“You made up stories about me and claimed I did things that YOU DID. I hate all this, but you were a very jealous wife, and I had to deal with that and that’s the worst feeling.

“I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex-wife. Stop. You got beat up in court. How much money do you want? Do you want me to relinquish my rights to see my son is that what you want? Just tell me. After all the tweets and posts you made thru the years disrespecting me and my family I still have love for you as the mother of my child BUT I am done with this. This game ends now and GOD will be the judger of all this.”

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