Most Expensive Hotels In Nigeria 2019

Most Expensive Hotels In Nigeria 2019

Most Expensive Hotels In Nigeria 2019

Most Expensive Hotels In 2019

1. InterContinental Hotel

Currently the most expensive hotel to lodge in Nigeria is the Intercontinental hotel. The hotel is located at Kofo Abayomi Street, plot 52 Victoria Island, .

The most expensive room in InterContinental Hotel is the The king suite which will cost you about $2800 – $3000 per night.

What this mean is that you will get to chill and relax in the king executive suite for about 1 million Naira,some of he services offered include suites offering a rooftop pool,Spa & dining options,wireless data connection,bell man,breakfast etc.

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2. Sheraton Hotel & Resorts

The Sheraton Hotel & Resorts is one of the most expensive hotel in Nigeria. The hotel is located at Ladi Kwali Way Abuja.

The most expensive room in his hotel is the presidential suite,the cost of his room is pegged at $ 2000 per night which is approximately N720,000 Naira.

Luxury services include a lobby area,outdoor pool,grand living room,separate kitchenette with fridge,Work office that is equipped with internet access etc.

3. Eko Hotel & Suites

This hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Nigeria,the Eko Hotel & Suites is is located at Plot 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street,Victoria Island, Lagos.
This hotel is ranked amongst some of the most expensive hotels in Nigeria.

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Apart from it’s luxury high end rooms,this hotel is also popular for hosting different shows and events.

The signature presidential suite in Eko Hotel is the most expensive suite in this hotel and just for $ 1,500 you can rent this room for a night,it’s Naira equivalent is N540,000.

Luxery services include the spectacular view of the ,King size bedrooms,working / dining area,a lounge area,large screen TVs,Hi-fi stereo system,bathroom with whirlpool bath and shower.

4. Hotel Presidential

Hotel Presidential is also ranked among the most expensive luxurious hotel in Nigeria. This hotel is located at GRA Phase II, Road, .

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It’s Presidential Suite costs about $1,300 per night,which is approximately N460,000 Naira.

5. Federal Palace Hotel

The Federal Palace Hotel is one of the most expensive hotel in Nigeria,it is located at no 6-8 Ahmadu Bello Way, Lagos.

The Apartment King 2 Bed City at federal palace hotel will cost you about $1,200 per night that is approximately  N 432,000.

Luxury services include Swanky rooms & suites 2 restaurants,a pool & facilities,elaborate grandeur etc.

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