Home News Meet The World’s Biggest Puppy Who Is Six-Foot-Tall (Photos)

Meet The World’s Biggest Puppy Who Is Six-Foot-Tall (Photos)


Pictured is the world’s biggest puppy – who weighs a whopping 12 stone and stands at a staggering six-foot-tall. At nine-months-old, enormous Euphrates eats an impressive eight cups of a dog food a day and plays with a piece of fence post.

She is a new breed called the American Molossus, from the first litter of selective breeding to be the closest genetic descendant of the 5,000 BC Mesopotamian Molossus .

 The ancient animal was massive and fierce in appearance and they were used in war.

But the only remnants of their legend was left in museums.

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After calling hundreds of breeders and Guinness World Records, owner Jared Howser, of Salt Lake City, Utah, believes he owns the largest puppy in the world.

Since bringing Euphrates home, the owner claims that every other car apart from his own, in the neighbourhood has been broken into.

Despite being a natural protector and an intimidatingly sized pup, in public the mountainous Molossus is very friendly, gentle and caring,



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