Medikal – Open Letter Lyrics

Medikal – Open Letter Lyrics


Enough of the bullshit and criticizing
Mi hu d3 worika masem ahh enye de oriha madwin
But ebi the mentality wey I keep on analyzing
Mayede Cape Coast debea meriy3 ma de
I no fit sneeze in peace
Celebrity life still never dey give two fuck
Celebrities diet my legacy rise
Ebi Jah wey dey take me on a prerogative ride

Obi b3ji mic tell me how it feels on the other side
Me nah I no dey bab
I really no dey bab
Wa danfo nua wo shia me wo Kumasi no hu mi twa mi hug
Y3 take selfies ka tsre mi s3 wo feeli boy nu pack
I never thought anything negative
This shit is very sad but damn
Same person you said she dey follow follow you
Too fat to be your friend wey she never get Kobo too

You said nobody go like marry am
it’s not my bis I just dey shock how things dey turn around now
Eye mi sre
But if thief no go pay she go need koti
If I must stay virgin who fucks Kofi
Minim obiaa ka wusi den nim obi
S3 nukre ne y3 ampa dea yen jai toli
Koli ebor wuti nko

What you thought no bi what I did go
You heavy pass pot no dey mean say you go sink o
They say I’m outstanding even if I take a sit o
Ma brabo y3 jackpot bingo
So I see my footsteps on your ass
Cos you sat on the same chair I stood on
Sowutuom got to put my hold on
Straight day student what you know about electrons and protons

Niggha I’m so on, they say keep Ghana clean
I no dey want litter so I always put rappers in pain
I dey win not used to drose
I ain’t a pussy
Welcome to Accra we don’t rap about oozy or Sweezy
Yebo search killers on the way to deflect

Ya nye nu saa ye entimi ntor morwet
Forget everybody
This be open letter
If you dey in top forget
Get some kudi for your pocket
Comment ni mi tim sosket

Mhen ah trash mhen ah trash
Your poppi be dustbin but your still dey call am dad
Mtcheewww yh hahahahahahaa

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