Mad Couple Arrested with Human Parts Under Lagos Bridge

Mad Couple Arrested with Human Parts Under Lagos Bridge


Mad Couple Arrested with Human Parts Under Lagos Bridge

Officers of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a ‘mentally deranged’ couple in possession of various human parts under a bridge at Cele NICA bus stop, Ojo on the Mile 2 – Badagary expressway.

The bust, made by detectives attached to Ijanikin Police Station, caused panic as residents tried to catch a glimpse of the couple whom they claimed were pretending to be mad in order to shield people from knowing that they actually deal on human parts.

One of the residents, Shade Oluwakemi, said that it was the lady who was arrested first. She said it took a combined team of the police and some residents hours before they could dragged the man, dressed in dirty cloths, out from under the bridge.

Another resident, Arewa Sunday disclosed that three human heads and different human parts were found in the suspect’s possession.

The witness said that the lady allegedly threw away a telephone she was with into the bush on sighting officials of the Lagos Neighbourhood Watch Corps who were contacted.

Another resident, a trader, who identified herself as Mrs Winfred Orji, explained that ”I was going to the market when I stumbled on the crowd. I had to alight from the commercial bus to know what was going on. To my shock, I saw different human parts: both fresh and dried.

“Sometimes, smoke would be billowing from where she stays on top of the bridge. We concluded that she was cooking, unknown to us that she was roasting human parts. A man’s corpse was also found there, with his wrist watch still working. Clothes suspected to be those of her victims were also found with her. She usually went to Vespa market to beg the traders.”

Another eyewitness, Abimbola Funmi, said that residents’ curiosities were aroused by some posh cars that usually parked close to where she stays on the bridge.

Spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, CSP Chike Oti, confirmed the incident, saying the suspects have been transferred to intelligence department, Yaba for further investigation.

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