M.I. ABAGA, BLAQBONEZ, A-Q, LOOSE KAYNON – L.A.M.B Martell Cypher 2019 Lyrics

Blaqbonez one of the field is really rapping abii
Handing out L to these rappers
cause they know am snapping
You could take your L right off the back
like L.L Cool Jay
Or somewhere in the middle like Samuel L jackson yo

Getting all these accolades
Look at us
We the winning team
Nigga talk trash
Don’t make us pull up with the magazines
Body bag into the end of the world
I probably ask John Boyega to drop him off into pacific rim

Am snapping again
Starting a massive attack with the pin
Am next to the king
Impartially upto me see
But am waiting for M
School system, Crimes
in a circle
No competition
Where am chilling is a mountain in ghetto
Its like the cobweb is the problem
in a building like that
You are outside peeking
Don’t make me come to the window with the mag
Battle rappers always tryna get at me
But they missing like literally when we talk about money
they Cant really say am surprised
Like for real man
Mehn I get it
the bigger the nigga
The more attention you get when you diss them
If you really wanna battle
Pay my bookings nigga
nigga tryna be like me
should write a book for this niggas

bar so dope
Am getting high off my own supplyings
Spitting off my own shit
Stoney death like go light
I been more than hear conversation
I really did it
Revenue hit a couple milli
How you think that am feeling

How is there still a conversation
If you want the confrontation
Then stop talking
Am too big to throw stones at every dog barking
Am home alone in this hip-hop shit my ***
Y’all some follow the leadership
quit with this talking
Its not in the chronnies home
You bluffing
so watch your tone
Your humble in person
But online you act Capon
Leave me alone
Once I get in my zone
I spark a J
And say Kanye Watch the throne

Was fucking broke for a while
So ex-ed her
Success had a boyfriend
I got her number and text her
She called me ordinary
I said my first name was extra
Ambitions put me to the odd
But hunger was my electro flow
So special uh
Nothing fresher
Cut fro a different cloth
See you could check the texture
Hip-hop was in a state of inertia
100 Qualms put on the pressure
Check on your fellow rapper
Hope him well shaa

Open the game when I pass
cause the team strong
Hundred crowns rapsical heroes
this the theme song
Y’all finish dissing
when it comes to beefing
I like you raw
Your lungs dem big enough
for all the smoke that you asking for
Washed up rappers turn pop
trying to sound hip-hop artists
Thats not a chief
Shut the fuck up regardless
Nobody asked you
Your opinion is trash talk
We not gon let that shit fly
Sit that plane on the assfault

Am the head
nigga in charge
the general
And the sarge
Y’all niggas are samurai
Bubble therapy
I give the beat a deep tissue massage
This is OG talk
Give your big homie my regards

Taking shots?
Get it right when you aim
You into career suicide
Am not the one to blame
Pregnant with ideas of using me tryna get ahead of the game
How come you need abortions
I’ll kill you before you get a name

The next rapper needs no introduction
I have blossomed
Three classical albums
Am currently on my fourth one
I will make it hard for you to function
Y’all try to blow up
I’ll blow shit out of proportion
This is gods vision
Am looking through perfect lenses
God bought it
the god-flow is in perfect tenses
Gods in engineering
every time I let the pen speak
God’s in him, Godzilla
Break your defenses

Check the way I flip it
the bars Apocalyptic
The fragment you imagine
the imagination is vivid
My pen my cheap precision is wisdom
And damn it is
Making rappers madder than modern day feminists
yea all
Nemesis appeal businesses
and I can make you one
Natural resources my voice is far premium
How you taking shots with a soft bar album
Those joints aint strong
Enough You lack calcium

Go against me
There can only be two outcomes
You lose
you lose
Like Buhari or Atiku
If thats the primal zone which you **
Then I don’t need to
You can let them deceive you but homie
Ain’t with you
You do it for the glam
I do it for what I believe in
Make your girls mouth a nice place to place kids in
If they quit the medicine
I hit her with the penicillin
She stuck on like bacteria
Am back tearing her

Fans never miss the real
Me I never miss a kill
Here today gone tomorrow
bro you are mister real
Take your fight
Pick the struggle I can fit the bill
To keep it real
Your best rapper is still stuckon stuid dealAnd if he can take it
Am coming with slim cases

When the lamba hits you
The shackle will switch places
Land from my sleek pages
We splitting your rib cages
Leaving you for gazy
Am kinda like two JayZs
we retired of the rock nations
I rock fella
I do ladies

Fuck the Industry
And paper
Y’all are with suitcases
What you saying
Who you playing
Who the fuck you fucking with
All of y’all could suck a dick
Am a legend like 2face is
Maybe not
I may be close mehn
Fuck this shit mehn

Sometimes rapping isnt fun at all
There is nothing I can brag about
I done it all
Swear the rapper I can beef
well mehn I set them all
And its real
Praying to the sky
Hoping that manna fall
Double ** in the first floor
What am I even on this verse for
Oh I get it
When you stick a knife inside a wound when its healing up
It hurts more
I see the stairs of what we building
You can never find the first floor

The cypher that matters
the battles
Am brightest
And am the head
Always the head
Like ni**a sucking V***nas
We arrive to help you push it out
My ni***as are gynoes
how we do it isnt fair
Since you guys albinos

The boy terrific
And gifted
And so prolific
Everything I push
they shifting the culture with it
**** when I might spit it
My music travel
Yes I move a pivot
Let me be more specific
I told you rappers fix up
Look at the way you niggas rapping now
They say rap is weaning
But guess what
Naija is back in town
call me Nepa dawg all your life
I’ve been blacking out
Since the way
Been on my captain phillips
Am the captain now

Four man band
For my dawgs I gat it
Loose and A-Q
We should make this episodic
Only open for rappers
Who deliver product
Yeah that other cognac
This is how you spend your budget
f**k it

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