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Lyrics Of You Song By KAAN

Description: Lyrics Of You Song By KAAN are provided in this article. This is a New song which is prepared By Famous Singer K.A.A.N.. This song is released on 22th November 2018.

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Song: You

Singer: K.A.A.N.

Lyrics Of You Song By KAAN
Lyrics Of You Song By KAAN

Lyrics Of You Song By KAAN

Yea lawd, knowledge nigga
Learn some, ORBT , woo!
Lets do it (3)
Aye knowledge

[Verse 1]
Giving everything I have to see
It’s more personal to make a relatable vibe
Relax nah me never ease back
Please let me, do what the fuck I gotta do
One time get a line refine what my mood
You could say that I’m a smooth young poet
’t lose I know it
I could try to differentiate the love and the hate
The real and the fake
But either way I’m lost in a daze
I’ve been accoupled
Not accustomed to comin’ up with apologies
The policy is prophecy the way that I like it
I’m on a whole ‘nother train of thought
For my peace, no sleep, can’t breathe
Make ’em cease I mean make ’em fiend for the feel
Til the cup runneth over, devoted to my art
The heart, I can’t find it
A fault to the man, I do this with no help
I done built it from the ground up
Expectin’ a couple losses
I’m mostly silent, don’t approach me dawg
And I refuse to trust a random such-n-such
There’s no sabotage and everything is on the up-n-up
It’s all work, no luck, they don’t get it
Live my life inside the image I presented to y’all
There’s no mistake within the ghost cuz I know what I want
A misinterpretation and they base it off of a lie
But a fallacy is somethin’ I would never supply
I try to keep it all together, but the evils divide
I needed somebody to speak with, I’m talkin’ to
A conversation that contains the kindness and love that I really need

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Lost on the path that I’ve chose, Oh
Lost on the path that I’ve chose
Lost on the path that I’ve chose
I’ve been exposed, Lost on the path that I’ve chose
Lost on the path that I

[Verse 2]
Homie I just wanna find a way
Cuz I have lost the will, I can’t maintain through the madness
Minimize the negativity inside of my soul
A cinematic type of picture from a vigorous mind
But call it veni, vidi, vici I defeated a curse
Worse off than I was, I cannot do this shit alone
I sacrificed my happiness in the hopes I can receive
A return on the time that I gave to this
It is immeasurable, I know he counted the hours
I constantly work as I search
But I’m certain I’ve seen the signs
Tellin’ me that I am headed in the wrong direction
Down the one-way, duckin’ and dodgin’ through the traffic
I swerve and I merged, immersed in my pity
But the only thing I pray is that people never forget me
And accept me for the man that I am
Gotta make ’em understand that I’m playing my position irregardless

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I take my tone and mix that with emotion
Let’s make it original
I been that bastard they never seen
A descendant of slaves that were hangin’ from sycamores
Swift with the swing as the wind starts the breeze
The blood that drip down on the leaves that still blossom a strange fruit
See the evil that man do
There’s no one left to save you
Try to run and hide, I hope you find a haven
Better way to heaven
Heavy heart you carry can’t be healthy for you, gotta move on

I’ve been exposed, lost on the path that I chose
Lost on the path that I chose
I’ve been exposed, lost on the path that I chose
Lost on the path that I – Lawd!

[Verse 3]
Try to make a point lemme explain
My style is not to be categorized
I don’t have infinite time
I’m gettin older by the second
I reckon if I’d have stayed in college and never dropped out
Would I be happier than what I am now
Instead I’m broke, livin with my hands out like a charity case
I’m in a marathon, nigga it’s a hell of a race
I can’t keep the pace
So imma try to keep the faith that I can actually attain
Everything I ever wanted, but I’m not talkin materials
I never really asked for much, i don’t have expectations, nor reservations
Stay realistic, I just want respect from my perspective
Impressed with the thoughts I’ve repressed then release on the page
Like I process the pain through the pen as a vessel for anything that a nigga ever been through

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Lawd! Knowledge, ORBT, Eclectic Audio

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