London Bridge attacker blames Donald Trump, Theresa May for his action

London Bridge attacker blames Donald Trump, Theresa May for his action
Khalid Masood

The suspect in last year’s deadly London Bridge attack Khalid Masood has shocked the world by blaming U.S. President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May for his action.

Reports say Masood said he was apparently motivated by a hatred of President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The 52-year-old Masood, had called May a “liar” and complained about Trump’s “racism and rudeness” before carrying out the attack, according to his children’s testimony to British authorities, according to The Telegraph.

The deadly rampage on March 22, 2017 began when an SUV plowed into pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge in London.

Four pedestrians were killed and an unarmed police officer was fatally stabbed in the incident.

Masood was fatally shot by police, as dozens were left injured in the attack. An investigation indicated the Masood had acted alone.

The attacker, an English school teacher, had sent religious text messages to several friends before the alleged attack, cops said.

The March 2017 attack was the first in a series of extremist attacks on British soil in 2017, during which dozens were killed.

It was followed by the May bombing of a concert hall in Manchester, a June attack on London Bridge and Borough Market and an attack on a mosque in Finsbury Park in the same month.

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