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Lil Baby – Seattle Lyrics

Lil Baby – Seattle Lyrics

Lil Baby – Seattle Lyrics

Seattle Lyrics by Lil Baby

Cook that shit up, Quay

I can switch my watches with my mood swing
Pull up through the projects in that new thing
She just gave me head she got some good brain
Give her couple dollars ‘just my new chain a thousand or two
I can show you what a thousand will do
Call the plug tell him pull up with a thousand or two
I got family to feed, I got n—-s say they need me
Got a lot of s–t on my plate but I ain’t tripping cause I’m greedy
They got my lil n—a worried cause his daughter she obese
She a premature baby and the doctor say she need ’em
He got fees but he don’t got money but he got ski masks
And he got a black 45 screaming “need more cash”

A n—a ask me do I got some murder for hire
Loving on a b—h I prolly won’t know her tomorrow
My lil partner from the westside caught a murder case
Say his lawyer want a hundred but he got 50k
Told me that he had a feeling he was halfway
Told him I got the other fifty I don’t want no games, no games
I don’t play no games I’m going straight up
I just want my m———n paper
On the private jet me DT Tiger gangsta
Tryna go into the lands and get this paper
Running through the land like I’m 6 0
You had to tap in I was get it when it wrapped in
(?) racks in
I was running through LA at All Star getting a pack in
You was getting extorted heard the homies made you tap in
And heard the homie he got-


Produced By: Quay Global

Released: July 29, 2018

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