Kodak Black Sentenced To Jail For Weed And Guns



Kodak Black has taken a plea deal in his drugs and guns case.

He will serve 364 days in county jail minus 90 days time served after officially pleading guilty to driving on a suspended license and “associating with people committing crimes.”

He had been facing up to 12 years for probation violations after he livestreamed scenes from his Florida home in which guns and weed were present.

Black was on probation as part of a plea deal he struck in 2016 on charges including robbery, false imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm by a delinquent.

His lawyer Bradford Cohen was prepared to argue that there was no way to prove the illegal items on the live stream were Kodak’s and that Black and his crew “often produce music videos and other promotional videos, as is customary in the industry, using fake firearms and narcotics.”

That was enough for Florida prosecutors to make the deal. Black could be out of jail as soon as October and won’t be on probation when he is released.

Black is facing  30 years in South Carolina for criminal sexual conduct in a separate case. So, Cohen still has his work cut out for him. But he’s been doing a damn good job so far.

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