Islamic, Christian leaders‎ urge Kaduna youth to shun violence

Yohanna Buru
Yohanna Buru

Kaduna-based Islamic and Christian scholars have called on the youth in the state to shun all forms of ethno religious, communal and political violence.

Pastor Yohanna Buru who led the team of the scholars to the troubled Kasuwar Magani community said there is need for continuous sensitization of the public, particularly youth on the importance of living in peace and harmony with each other.

The recent Kasuwar Magani unrest in Kajuru local government‎ area claimed 55 lives, according to the police.

Pastor Buru said the reason for the peace campaign to Kajuru LGA was to meet and pass on the gospel of peace to Adara, Gbagyi, Hausa and Fulani elders and youth in the area.

He called on the youth to contribute in restoring peace because crisis only take their communities backward.

“The aim is to promote peace and unity among the residents and also to raise more awareness on the need to live in peace and harmony with each other.

“We came as team of Muslims and Christians clerics to spread the message of peace and unity to all residents in the area including women and children on the importance of peace,” he said.

Buru pointed out that both Qur’an and Bible preaches peace and unity, adding that both Islam and Christianity teach their followers how to live in peace with their neighbours.

He said both Muslims and Christians are from one family, Adams and Eve, who believe in one God.

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