Information on Cisco CCNA Certification and Tips for Getting Certified

Information on Cisco CCNA Certification and Tips for Getting Certified


Information on Cisco CCNA Certification and Tips for Getting Certified

Information on Cisco CCNA Certification and Tips for Getting Certified

The world of IT is becoming increasingly sophisticated due to new innovations and challenges emerging with each passing day. The IT networking profession has grown by leaps and bound and this forces the networking professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Primary knowledge in networking is essential in the present-day IT sector since we are now entering a phase where the architectural structures in IT are growing ever bigger. New professionals are now needed to efficiently deal with these changes on the go and possess an improved skill-set and knowledge. In the article below, we will discuss the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certificate and how to pass its exam.


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the most marketable and prolific IT career credential. It helps demonstrate the IT network professional’s competence in installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting routing and switching networks.

The role of the CCNA Routing and Switching certification has changed recently due to certain changes in the curriculum. Despite the mentioned changes, the key components of the exam still remain the same and mainly the aim at helping professionals demonstrate their competence in networking, LAN switching and IP routing.

Cisco CCNA R&S certification popularity

The Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certificate has become very popular since the moment of its introduction. The reason for its popularity lies within the fact that it offers a good starting point for one to build a foundation in networking technologies. Some of the things the candidates will get to learn and gain experience in include networking threats and security measures, configuring and installing networks, network topologies, and the ability to interact with different network structures and devices.

Main reasons to obtain the Cisco CCNA R&S certification

Many potential students often ask why the Cisco CCNA R&S certificate is so lucrative and whether it is worth gaining it. There are a number of reasons why you should get this certification, and the most significant ones are the following:

  • Recognition. This certificate is regarded as one of those most highly sought-after in the IT world. Professionals possessing this Cisco credential are in high demand since they are believed to have extra expertise in matters of dealing with network technologies.
  • Salary increase. If you want to get a salary increase at your current job, then acquiring certifications is essential. It gives you an edge over other employees and bears a negotiating advantage with your employer.
  • Broad knowledge of networking. The course is designed in a way that gives the candidates a very comprehensive training in terms of both theory and practical work. The applicants will be sure to acquire hands-on skills and knowledge in the areas dealing with network fundamentals and technologies. The course is tailored for giving a single focus on routing and switching areas of networking.
  • Securing a job. Many employers currently want to hire people who possess various specialized certifications. This makes it essential in a way that it becomes a part of the interview grading system and also tells the employer that your skills have been verified and you are competent to carry out the assigned tasks. Such job positions as a network engineer, a system administrator, a system engineer, and an IT manager are usually required to possess this certification.
  • Foundation for other certifications. With the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching credential, one will have an easy time passing other Cisco exams and getting extra certificates in various fields.

How to get the Cisco CCNA R&S certification?

The Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching exam has recently undergone minor changes and now the students who want to get the certification have choose between the CCNA 200-125 exam and the ICND1 100-105 and ICND2 200-105 tests. All exams contain 50-60 questions that the candidates must answer within 90 minutes. To pass the CCNA R&S test, the student should score at least 800 points out of 1000.

Once you get the certification, it will be valid for a period of three years and after that you will need to renew it.

Tips for passing the Cisco CCNA R&S exam

The above mentioned exams are no easy feat and hence it requires proper and advanced preparation to achieve success. Some of the tips you can put to use include:

  • Ensure to undertake regular studies to keep your mind running.
  • Participate in regular study group discussions so that you are able to teach each other and learn from other’s mistakes. This will also make it easy for you to study lots of topics within a short time.
  • Establish a good study plan which will be help you study in a proper manner without much pressure. This should also make you focus on your weak points.
  • Make good use of different studying materials, including video content, books, and websites which will provide you with diverse helpful information.
  • Start preparing for the test early to avoid reading too much material just before the exam day.
  • Do not hesitate to contact your tutor or fellow students in case you face any difficulties with the exam topics.

Top resources to help in your exam preparation

There are numerous resources on the Internet available for the students willing to properly prepare for the Cisco CCNA R&S exam. They are:

  • – this web page contains numerous studying materials that will support the students in their practice with the help of numerous test examples.
  •– this is a very good site for the students who would like to learn a lot about the Cisco exams in general. It also provides enough practice materials to work with.
  • – it is a very prominent educational site that offers interactive learning and studying materials
  • – the perfect source for getting detailed information of any Cisco exam. Its learning materials include notes, videos, and even practice tests.


In the present-day, IT networking is becoming one of the leading directions of development. So, make up your mind today and get the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification as it will open a lot of new opportunities for you.

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